Ancient Research Facility

Firstly, I'd like to apologize to he creator and community for the delay with these files being uloaded. I had a problem with my connection...


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Firstly, I'd like to apologize to he creator and community for the delay with these files being uloaded. I had a problem with my connection to the filefront server that last oh about...2 weeks.

This is a map I played a while before it was submitted and it is one of if not THE most professional maps submitted here for SWBF2 yet. It takes place is a sort of underground tomb that was facilitated for research. Things I liked? Let's start with...The cave wampas. In one area of the map there is a network of underground tunnels. To be expected from such a map. However these tunnels hold more thanjust dirt. Glowing crystals light the way and beasts are soliciting around every corner. Running through the confined spaces to the sound of monsters ravaging your team mates in the distance. Inspiring.

There is also a rom with the bones of a colo claw fish(long nosed thing from episode 1 when they were in the gungan sub) including a big skull. There is a hallway with the wals and floors spiraling into each other, a pyramid, and an atrarium full o' Acklays.

Best part of it all, this was a first map.

Unfortunately, the email which likely had the authors name in it was deleted and it isn't anywhere in the readme. If anyone can find out orif even the author is present leave a message and I will fix it.


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Download '' (25.66MB)

Here's my first map, Ancient Research Facility
There's no specific story behind this.  I'll leave it up to you to use your imagination.  

Final Version includes:
- Conquest
- 1-Flag CTF
- 2-Flag CTF
- Hero Assault
- Hunt - The Rebel's side has tamed the Acklay and it will help in the battle against the Wampa.
- Acklay and Cave Wampa locals
- All indoor but with a wide variety of rooms allowing for close combat as well as long distance.
- fx including steam, fireflies, glow, and godrays.
- Minimap

Known issues:
- In multiplayer, Acklay will show up on one of the teams on the stats page, but only on client side, not on host.  I'm unsure if this is even fixable.

- Once in a while the team spawning on the pyramid at the beginning of the round in conquest will show them as having the Arboretum CP as well, but if you try to spawn there, it will spawn you at the pyramid anyway.  This is also in multiplayer, and only on the client side.

-In hunt, Acklay freaks out if you tell him to follow you, and will spaz out and push you around..possibly through walls so you will fall to your death.  This is a combo file issue that AFIK noone has a solution to.  Best advised not to try to have him follow.  But he is a great body guard if you just stand under him and let him take care of Wampa :wink: 

- I tried adding deathregions in places where wallhackers might get, but droidekas are just too sensitive to them.  Their proximity for deathregions to destroy them is much greater than every other character, making it nearly useless to have deathregions in small areas.  I only have blanket deathregions below the map (which will take care of about 90% of allhacks, since you just fall to your death), and one above the entire map, in case there are jettroopers that somehow try to fly above the map.

This is the final version, feel free to distribute. 

Thanks for the help: 
Lord Bandu
Guru and crew (for keepin up GT)

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