Aquilaris: Deep Sea (Rebel Ops Mission 01)

Introductory Video:

In my time here at Star Wars Battlefront Files, I've seen many maps of varying quality.. There's the average...


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Introductory Video:

In my time here at Star Wars Battlefront Files, I've seen many maps of varying quality.. There's the average maps, or beginner maps, that seem to be rather frequent. Then there are the good maps that might merit more than one playthrough before being wiped form my addon folder. And there's the great maps that are permanent additions to my personal map collection. Lastly, there's maps like these that simply make me say.... wow.

The setting of Maveritchell's Aquilaris: Deep Sea map is, as one would assume by the title, the deep sea. It's a beautifully constructed environment; you'll spend most of your time inside the many translucent domes and tubes that make up the Imperial sea base. There's also submarines provided (though I think you can only them it in story mode - don't quote me on that) to explore the exterior. I don't know what else to say. For sure, one of the best environments I've seen in this game.

The main focus of this map is the story mode. You play as an undercover Rebel operative infiltrating an Imperial base in search of information regarding an Imperial starfighter porgram that will secure starfighter dominance for the Empire. What happens? You're going to have to download the map to find out. I can tell you, I loved what I've played of it so far.

There's also three eras; Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War, and KotOR. (You'll need the 1.3 patch to play the KotOR era) Conquest is for all three eras, and there's hero assault for GCW (standard hero assault) and KotOR hero assault. If you have the Conversion Pack, Clone Wars Conquest will load a random clone legion from the 'Pack.

The only problem I saw in this map was some buggy planning, but I remember the author mentioning having trouble with that, so I won't pursue the matter further. A great map, and a highly recommended download. I'm looking forward to what Maveritchell has planned for the next two maps in this series. Enjoy!


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Download 'ads.exe' (24.66MB)

Aquilaris: Deep Sea, by Maveritchell


Rebel Ops is the three-part story of Lt. Vace Thermill, 
an Alliance pilot and intelligence operative. His
mission is to investigate the mysterious "Project
Drow," an Imperial program believed to be creating
some new type of starfighter that will ensure victory 
in space for the Empire.

Mission 01
Aquilaris: Deep Sea

Aquilaris, a planet located in the Outer Rim and covered
nearly in its entirety by water, holds a potential key
to Lieutenant Thermill's mission. Deep on the ocean floor,
the Empire has set up several mining stations, and Rebel 
spies have determined that it is likely that these are
being used as a cover for a hidden project - Project Drow. 

One of the stations, "Deep Sea 05," has been requesting 
help from civilian workers lately to solve an unknown
problem. Recognizing the opportunity, Vace adopts the
alias "Nathan Bridger" and passes himself off as a
civilian maintainence worker. With this disguise, he
descends to the deep blue depths of Aquilaris's ocean
to find any clues he can about this mysterious and dangerous
Imperial project.


Contents of Aquilaris:

GCW Conquest: Standard GCW conquest
GCW Hero Assault: Standard GCW hero assault
GCW Hunt: Story mode - play the first mission of Vace Thermill
CW Conquest: Standard* CW conquest

*Bonus Content for Conversion Pack 2.0 users:
CW Conquest: CW conquest with random clone legions and heroes
KotOR Conquest: Standard KotOR conquest
KotOR Hero Assault: KotOR hero assault; KotOR 1 heroes

Also includes:

90% Custom models
New submarine vehicle
Bossk as hero for Empire
Custom vehicle sounds
Custom ambient sound (GCW hunt)
Custom voiceovers (GCW hunt)



-CW Conquest* and GCW hunt, due to the nature of their scripting,
will not work online.

-Friendly Fire MUST BE ON for story (hunt) mode to work properly.

-Make sure sound is on for GCW hunt to fully enjoy the story.

-This should be obvious, but to play any of the KotOR modes online,
all users must have Conversion Pack 2.0 installed.


Installation Instructions:

Run ADS.exe and point it to your addon directory (Star Wars Battlefront IIGameDataaddon)


Extract folder ADS to your desktop, cut and paste to your "addon" folder located
in Star Wars Battlefront 2GameData.



Jesus Christ - dying a death that imparted life to me
archer01 - AIHeroSupport script
Rends - props
redline - props
Pandemic - props
CGArtist - sky texture base
LG - underwater sonar sound
dr_elvis - helicopter rotor sound
Major Clod/AceMastermind - player model/conversion
FragMe! - animated searchlights
John Williams - "Palpatine's Teachings"
Conversion Pack assets - Lando texture/Bossk
RepSharpshooter - weaponmodel
Gametoast community - countless sources of information



(maveritchell at gmail dot com)

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