Arc Captain Source Files



Here's a small contribution by 666rulerofclones. The "ARC captain source files," which really amount to nothing more than a small hexedit to the mesh and an .odf setup, since all of these source files are included in the modtools assets. It looks like the cape might have been changed a little, since it does have a "modified" date.

It's worth mentioning that if you plan to use this, you'll have to set up the .msh file correctly, since as it is, it won't read the body texture. Also, the cape won't show up if you try and munge it ingame, since the name of the cape's .odf was changed but it wasn't edited in the .msh.

I can't really recommend this file, it doesn't have much work done to it and it needs more to even be useable. However, if you feel like picking up where the submitter left off, feel free to download.




These are the source files for the ARC Captain model. it contains the necessary .msh and .odf files to implement an ARC Captain into Battlefront 2. This is usually easy for most modders to do, but some beginner modders might find this useful. The only difference is that this folder contains a red cape instead of a blue one. You must know how to mod Battlefront 2 to have any use for this. You are free to modify this in any way you want, just make sure to give me credit if you use this in a mod.

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