ARC_Troopa_Nate's 501st Legion Mod



certainly isn't the only offender - has an incredibly pompous title. It always strikes me as unreasonably arrogant when names are included as part of the title, as though I (or the downloader) is more interested in the author of the mod than the content within. There is pretty much no one so good at modding this game that the author's name is more important than what's inside the mod. Sorry, rant over.Anyway, this mod makes some small weapons changes (most of which are more cosmetic than anything else) and retextures to the Republic side. The weapons changes - eh, they're okay. The award rifle has been made nearly worthless, with its rate of fire reduced to something too slow to use. The sniper's autoturret is similarly not useful, since it drops an unbuilt turret (that floats in the air!), and the sniper has no way to build it, and once built, it can't be used by anyone. Other weapons are more or less the same, except for the Jet Trooper, who now has a rocket launcher (and matching award weapon) instead of his EMP launcher.The author has used a clever way to implement what is essentially a mission.lvl mod through an addon folder, and it makes for an easy install/uninstall. I would have liked to see a little more creativity here, since the author could have gone whole-hog and simply made this an addon era instead of breaking online compatibility.So, if you like what you see here, give it a try.-Mav


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