Attack in Yavin Canyons

This map, entitled "Attack in Yavin Canyons," is the first by this particular author. The setting is a grassy green canyon with four Command...


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This map, entitled "Attack in Yavin Canyons," is the first by this particular author. The setting is a grassy green canyon with four Command Posts in their default positions. There are several Yavin 4 objects, such as ruins and trees, scattered around the map, as well as hills and mountains.

The map itself was designed very well, especially for a first-time map maker. There's smart placement of objects to use as cover, details such as a crashed gunship and foliage, and great terrain variation. Sure, the CPs haven't been moved, but the author makes up for that by placing objects around them so they aren't just sitting in the middle of an open field. It would be great for a fast-paced Conquest game, except for one problem; there doesn't appear to be any planning or barriers to prevent the AI from running into walls. Gameplay suffers as a result, seeing as the AI get stuck in buildings or on the terrain, but enough of them move around to provide some battle.

The sides set up is standard, with the heroes unchanged. I'd like to make the suggestion, as I always do, to change up the sides a bit by creating new units, or at least changing the heroes. On the topic of making suggestions, I'd like to point out the fact that during my playthrough of this map, I noticed a couple of objects floating slightly off the ground. Nothing major, just another minor detail that needs fixing.

That about sums up this map. If you like what you see in the screenshots below, go ahead and try this map out. Be sure to leave feedback for the author if you download this file, it's how we can help others improve and grow as modders.


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Readme File:
Attack of Yavin Canyons


This is my first map, so it is definetly not as good as some of those out there.
Any comments or ideas for version 2.0 will be appreciated. 

General Description:

Two teams, two cps each, and a lot of stuff in between. Mostly Yavin props with one or two others.

Installation Instructions:

To install, you must have a folder named "addon" in the folder "gamedata"

If you don't yet, you can just put a new one in there and rename it addon.

After that, you unzip the folder "" into the addon folder or just unzip it and copy the file "AYC" into the addon folder.

And there you go, ready to play.

P.S. First Map + noob creator = probably not the best map you've ever played.

Still, I would appreciate ideas for version 2.0.

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