Attack in Yavin Canyons (v.1.2)

I played through the earlier version of JediJalepinio's "Attack in Yavin Canyons," and while this does seem to be a bit more polished, there...


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I played through the earlier version of JediJalepinio's "Attack in Yavin Canyons," and while this does seem to be a bit more polished, there's not a huge amount different in the actual way the map plays.

Like he said, more props were added (which was a welcome addition). Additionally, new skins were added as well as new localizations of the weapons (despite the fact that the actual weapons are unchanged). The author mentions that he doesn't know how to create a new side, which surprises me, since he obviously had to make new sides for the new skins. Visually it's nice, but I could live without it since it really just makes you think you're getting something different when you're not.

It's not a bad map, but there are a few things I'd take objection to, primary ones being object placement and sheer terrain. Just make sure your objects are all grounded fully (or as close as you can get on uneven terrain) and make sure that your terrain gets the "blend" tool used on it.


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<><><><>Attack of Yavin Canyons (version 1.2)<><><><>

General Description:

Two teams, two cps each,(plus a new neutral one:) and a lot of stuff in between.(More than usual) Mostly Yavin props with one or two others.

Installation Instructions:

To install, you must have a folder named &quot;addon&quot; in the folder &quot;gamedata&quot;

If you don&apos;t yet, you can just put a new one in there and rename it addon.

After that, you unzip the folder &quot;; into the addon folder or just unzip it and copy the file &quot;AYC&quot; into the addon folder.

And there you go, ready to play.

To uninstall just delete AYC from addon.

Got some new stuff right here for you:

1. *More* barriers, less stupid AI

2. Redone (but not very much) cps, but there is one new neutral cp in the middle of the map!

4. No more object problems, but if you see any feel free to comment

5. NEW SKINS!(for the Republic at least) Thanks to a number of people mentioned at the bottom

6. Completely relocalized.

Possible Future:

---New sides, which I still don&apos;t know how to do.
---Added areas around the main map for sneakin&apos; around.

Thanks to:

GuitarMan, for your tutorial that finally made me remember what I&apos;ve been doing wrong all along

DannBoeing, for the continued inpiration.

Xavious, for 1.0s review that helped me edit 1.1 and 1.2

Commander Svenne (not his name, just a friend) who helped me create custom skins.

Anikan_Skywalker_Vader, for some great ideas that will come out in future maps.

And More!, this is to all who have advertently or otherwise helped me out, but I can&apos;t keep track of all their names.

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