Attack on the Earth

This is a map resembling Earth for Star Wars Battlefront 2. Play as both eras in a battle on earth, by assaulting a large map resembling a...


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This is a map resembling Earth for Star Wars Battlefront 2. Play as both eras in a battle on earth, by assaulting a large map resembling a private property in Denmark. The author has included vehicles in this map but sadly no new infantry skins.

Firstly, the map is mainly constructed from default maps in battlefront 2, mainly i believe, Naboo and Tatooine. The texture difference between the map objects is very noticeable and not really well thought out, so suggest that the author changes the textures on the map objects to fit together and to fit the terrain. However the buildings in this map are very nicely positioned, as it gives a defensive feel to it, with parts to hide behind, turrets facing the main battlefield etc.

The vehicles in this map are a little too much, as they over power the infantry and quickly gain control of the battlefield, leaving you with a short game i believe. Good positioning of command points also. If a second version is planned, i would suggest adding some more objects to the main battlefield as it is rather plain.

There are a few bugs in this map that do affect game play slightly, mainly the bug stated in the readme showing that on occasions vehicles controlled by the AI smash into buildings and no longer move. Lastly, i would like to say that this is a map worth a download as it is different from the usual Star Wars universe maps produced but would like to see improvements if a next version is planned to be released.

- Royal Tycoon

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Download '' (23.85MB)

Attack on the Earth v1.

Made by At-a (a.k.a. "Cmdata")

The Story:

Clone wars -- Before Count Dooku was killed, the CIS decided to capture a small planet called Earth.
The CIS took down on an Island wich today is known as "Fyn" in Denmark, they put down some spider droids,
and some AAT's, but before they should attack, the Republic had heard of their plan, and flew to Earth,
to stop them. After a long time the CIS decided to send Grievous down to help the CIS, and the Republic,
decided to send Anakin to Earth(Cloaked)

Glactic Civil War -- After the CLone Wars, the Rebels decided to send a small force down on the Earth,
to see how things were going, the Emperor heard of the CIS plans in the Clone Wars, and went to Denmark,
to do a new try, capturing Earth, the Rebels discovered them and hurryed down in Denmark, to defend, when,
the Empire attack. The Rebels, took Luke Skywalker(Pilot) to help, while the Emperor sent Darth Vader.

Installation: Copy the folder "AOE" to your "Star Wars Battlefront II/GameData/Addon" directory.

Bugs: Theres lots of bugs, but i promise i will repair them in my new version, one of the bugs is that,
the bots, take the vehicles and sometimes they drive into the houses and just stay there in their vehicle,
until someone kill them.

Thanks: Lots of thanks to George Lucas, for creating Star Wars, and thanks to Lucasarts for the materials.
And lots of thanks to my brother for giving me the idea for a map on the earth, again, lots of thanks to,
my clan in Star Wars Battlefront II, especially thanks to {CHAOS}Leader and {CHAOS}Bantha for support :D

Contact Info: For comments or questions, email me at or at xfire: cmdata

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