Yikes. Well, a try is a try, I suppose.

Basically, this map is the default munged map with a little terrain variation (and maybe some ter...


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Yikes. Well, a try is a try, I suppose.

Basically, this map is the default munged map with a little terrain variation (and maybe some terrain textures switched, too). There's not a whole lot to say about this, except... yeah, most of you have already seen this map or one like it, it's a map you probably made the first time you opened ZeroEditor. There are no objects, no changes to the sky, no changes to the sides, no changes to the... you get it.

I would suggest that the next time the author tries to make a map, that maybe some tutorial-reading would be involved. Adding some objects should be first on a list of priorities - you can't really make a good map with just terrain. There's a whole host of tutorials over at Gametoast, but even reading through the documentation that came with the modtools would help this map out.

Best of luck in the future, hopefully the maps will get a bit better.


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This is my very first map so be nice it is just a open battle field with three mountain like things around the field for sniper's and what-not,nothing really too special but if your looking for a open battlefield map this one may be one worth checking out...and keep in mind this was my first map;) if u want in the posts section leave me some tips for my next map witch i will be starting right away..(if i get god feedback of course) thanks:):)

This is my very first map EVER so don't hold it against me.This map is pretty basic it is a flat plain type thing with 3 mountains(pretty high mountain's might I add;))made for sniping and what-not.I was only just starting to get the hang of this map editor so it's just plain with 4 command posts and no veichle's(don't know how to add those yet)....I guess it's still kinda fun if you like...umm...WAR!.Any ways to install this map add the whole folder called "ALY" in to C drive/program files/lucas files/starwarsbattlefront2/game data/addon then paste that folder called "ALY" and your ready to go...hopefully....I added some screenshots so look at them before you play just to make sure you actually want to play it...!I would really like some "contructive" feedback ex.Making the map better and some map making tips;).



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