Barkhesh Canyonlands

This is my first review so lets see If I can do it right :p I'm also gonna review somen00b's Just for fun mappack but I don't know how to wo...


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This is my first review so lets see If I can do it right :p I'm also gonna review somen00b's Just for fun mappack but I don't know how to work FTP. Anyways On to the Map.

Here we have Barkhesh Canyonlands by Superm9. It's fairly um how do I put this....Huge and Barren. It is the whole map (Big eh?) with the same texture and pointy hills. For some reason The vehicles and units on Reps and Imps spawn facing away from the battle due to the spawn points facing that way. There is a river and it's raining so I give Kudos to that. But the units run in to the vertical pointy hills and the map is too barren. It does have 2 Yavin temples and little trees along the river.


Republic: Clonetrooper (New Skin) Heavy Trooper (New Skin) Clone Sharpshooter (Kashyyyk) Clone Engineer (New Skin) Clone Commander Jet Trooper AT-RT X2

CIS SBD Assault Droid Sniper Droid Engineer Droid Manga Guard Droideka AAT X2

Rebels (Same Too lazy to post all of em;)) Alliance Tanks X2

Empire (Same) AT-ST X2

Heroes Anikan Skywalker Darth Maul Boba Fett Han Solo

For Some reason New map makers just love these heroes.

The skins aren't the best or most detailed but I like them.

In the end this is a good Idea for a map but it needs more work put into it.


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Download '' (64.15MB)

        ----------------------Barkhesh: Canyonlands Readme----------------------


	CW: This green outer rim planet has fallen into the hands of CIS forces,
		who have placed a small but armed garrison there. The clones launch
		a suprise attack. Though they outnumber the CIS, they only posess
		scout walkers, while the CIS have AATs.
	GCW: This planet has fallen into rebel hands, who have placed a small garrison
		there. The Imperials have dicided to attack it though, and while they 
		possess ATSTs, the rebels have AAC-1s.

Strategy: Attempt to keep your starting base at all costs, as this is the only base that
	will spawn tanks besides your enemie's. Try to capture your enemie's home
	base for a quick boost in tanks. If your home base gets captured, try to get
	it back, because it will make winning a lot easier. If you lose your home
	base for a while, you can still win, it's just going to ba a bit harder.

Installation: unzip the file and put the unzipped folder "BR2" into your addon directory
		(if you already have it, it'll probably be in c > program files > LucasArts
		> Star Wars Battlefront 2 > GameData > addon, if not, make a folder called addon in
		there and put "BR2" in it.

Uninstallation: Delete the folder "BR2" from your addon directory.

Legal Rights: You can do anything you want with this file, as long as you give me (Superm9)
credit for it.

A big thanks to taivyx, who started me on Battlfront 2 modding and helped me understand it's
basics, and who answered all my questions

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