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Battle Arena, by RepSharpshooter, is definitely in the upper echelon of mod works you'll see for this game, much like his [url=http://starwa...


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Battle Arena, by RepSharpshooter, is definitely in the upper echelon of mod works you'll see for this game, much like his Unofficial 1.2 Patch.

Battle Arena is a small, symmetrical enclosure on which two teams should be able to fight a pretty even battle. The concept itself isn't new, but it's implemented so well that it's worth playing just to see. What'll stand out above most everything else is the use of non-standard SWBF2 models, including models from Squipple/Eddie, Wideboy, and of course a large number from RepSharpshooter himself. This makes for an experience that feels unique despite the simple map concept.

The map itself has definitely been designed with multiplayer in mind, as, in addition to the balanced setup, there has been a specific spectator booth set up. Choosing a spectator unit while on either team will remove one from the battle and put them in this booth. There, they can choose to use a remote camera to view the battlefield from a distance.

The biggest plus in my opinion was his addition of his custom sides. They don't necessarily feel very different, except for a higher health level, but the quality of the work put into them (you see the theme, yes?) puts them over the top. They use a custom playermodel that evokes a feel of some kind of "space marine" as well as more Earth-centric weaponry (with custom weapon sounds). Nearly everything in here is a custom model of some kind, with the exception of autoturret and grenade models.

There were only a couple minor issues I found. The only real "bug" that I found was that some of the weapons on the custom units were unable to be switched back to once they were switched away from. It's not a huge deal, but it's definitely fixable, which is why I bring it up. And if I were to say there were any other issues, the only other thing I would highlight would be the linearity of the gameplay. Like most maps that have the command posts all in a row, this map starts to feel very much the same after a couple playthroughs. Perhaps this is an unavoidable tradeoff for making the map this obviously balanced.

All in all, this is a fantastic example of the kind of polish anyone should be trying to shoot for when creating a map. Worth a download? Most definitely. Download, play, enjoy.


Video of map gameplay:

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Download '' (18.38MB)

Battle Arena

General Description

This is a map I've always just wanted to have. One of it's many purposes is to be an arena where people in a clan can get together and battle. It is ideal because it is:

    * Small enough to incorporate small clans (like mine where we rarely have more than 3 people at a time).
    * Tactically stimulating (obstacles, bunkers, etc)
    * Symmetrical (no one sided advantage like on other maps).
    * Many more, it's pretty fun just to play, even with just the ai :lol: 

Overall, is it a glamorous map? Not too much, a lot of new models though. And I must say, it's the most fun map I've played (especially the mode in the YouTube video above!). I think that someone just needed to make this type of map, I certainly want it to be in my arsenal, as it will be invaluable for my needs as a leader of a small clan, as well as it's just a cool idea!


    * Modes - Conquest, 2-ctf, and 1-ctf are all the standard sides. GWC Assault is hero assault. CW Assault is the modern sides mode.
    * Spectators - You can now select from 2 units which are spectators. You will be transported to the stands where you can operate camera droids.

AlexSecura- beta
Caleb- chair
Fragme- model export, searchlight model, beta
trainmaster611- beta
manderek- beta
YouJediJunkie- models
Foolis- german localization
Taivyx- weapon models
GCMOD team- camera droid model
Squiddies model pack- models
WideBoy- models

To Install:
-Run installer. Make sure the filepath goes to your Star Wars Battlefront IIGameData folder

Some people have experienced crashing when going from conquest mode to cw assault. It usually works if cw assault is played alone. I never have experienced any crashing due to that, so I do not know.

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