Battle for Republic City

This is a touched-up version of FragMe's Naboo: Urban Street Fight, which was released for December's [url=http://starwarsbattlefront...


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This is a touched-up version of FragMe's Naboo: Urban Street Fight, which was released for December's Filefront Mapping Contest. Unfortunately I didn't get to try out any of the submissions during the contest period, but if I had been able to then this map definitely would have been one of my top selections.

The design of the map is small and simple, and frankly that's its biggest strength. The map has a circular layout with multiple CP's lining the circumference of the map and one CP dead center in the map within a rotunda. All of the buildings fit together seamlessly and create a fluid and symmetrical design. I didn't notice a single object out of place, which is evidence of precise and meticulous work. I may be mistaken on this but I think I even noticed some custom models within the map, assuming that my memory of Naboo assets isn't rusty. If there are they fit into the map so well that most players won't even realize they're there. But again, don't quote me on that. Anyway, I felt that the map design was flawless.

One thing I appreciated was that in Conqust mode FragMe had the courtesy and the wisdom to exclude heavy troopers and special units in order to give it some balance. Why would you need rocket launchers in such a close quarters setting? That is something that always bothered me about the stock urban and indoor maps, and I know that it bothered many others as well! The symmetrical design of the map and symmetrical CP layout help even further in keeping the battle balanced. And the map's small size allows the fighting to remain tight and focused so that it isn't scattered across the map and doesn't demand that the player run a long distance just to see some action.

This is also a great map for CTF and Hero Assault; the symmetrical design is the ideal CTF setup.

I did notice a couple of bugs, however. First, when I threw grenades in certain areas the explosion would cause a splash as though I'd thrown them into the water. It seemed to only occur in odd spots around grass (and I doubt this will make a difference but I only seemed to notice it when I was playing as the clones, though I didn't really try it out as extensively with the other factions). The second bug I noticed was that some AI were using wall hacks/glitches near the center of the map. Well, it was either that or the ground was firing at me. :P

Overall this is an excellent map map that you could easily play over and over again. It's proof that even a small and simple map can be just as great, if not better, than a large and expansive map. I'm keeping this puppy in my AddOn folder. Great job FragMe! :thumbsup:


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Battle for Republic City*
(formerly Naboo: Urban Street Fight)

This is second released map, I have so many more in the "developement" stage.
It is the map that was originally submitted for the SWBFFiles Urban street fight mapping contest held
this past December in which it came in 3rd, so I thank all who liked it and voted for it.

The map has had a lot of bling added to it, as well as added game modes.
Most of the building assets have been re UV'd to fix mapping errors also the collisions for most
buildings have been tightened to fit the building not the super high collisions they had on
the original naboo maps. The only ones that still do are the ones on the outside ring and that is
to stop people from getting out.
There are only a couple of custom buildings in the map.

All modes work in Multiplayer, even XL or it did with two of us playing.

Game modes
There are five game modes

- Conquest (both eras limited units)
This is much as it was in the original, limited types of units, 3 types per team and no hero.
I liked it this way as there is no overpowered unit that will determine the out come just good
old fashioned street fighting.

- One CTF (both eras all units available)
The flag is in the middle Rotunda which makes for intense fighting as both teams arrive at the same time.

- Two Flag CTF (both eras all units available)
For two flag the flags are on opposite sides in the smaller rotundas, but it isn't just as easy as running
though the middle to get it to your base the AI seems determined not to let you and they do it very well.

- Assault (GCW only all units available)
Assault mode featuring the normal set of heroes and villans, the fun part is though with the modified collision
on the buildings you can now fight across the roof tops as well. Try using the top of the center rotunda as
a sort of king of the hill type of play.

- XL (both eras all units available)
Big battle lots of carnage, Republic and Rebels spawn around the outside and CIS and IMPs spawn in the middle
Rotunda area. So if you really want a challenge spawn as CIS or IMPs but be prepared to be attacked from all sides.

- Modded Sides

- Known Bugs
None that affect game play, the lighting will flick on and off, it may be just my video card or a limitation of the game or we
could just say that the electrical system is a little wonky in a war zone. 

- Game Play Recommendations
If you have a computer that can support it I recommend using the following settings.
Units - 32
Shadows - High
Lighting - Medium
Light Bloom - Off

Thanks goes to the Gametoast community and for all the help they didn't realize they had given me.

And my beta testers
Jedi Joe

Unzip the file and add the NUF folder to your addon directory.



*If you want to know why it is called Battle for Republic City look at the mini map.

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