Battle in Mos Eisley

A new modder graces Star Wars Battlefront Files today with a map that's above and beyond the average beginner's map. The settings is Mos Eis...


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A new modder graces Star Wars Battlefront Files today with a map that's above and beyond the average beginner's map. The settings is Mos Eisley, on the planet Tatooine. Bright skies and lots of sand. You get the picture.

There are a number of qualities that really make this map stand out from other first maps. Firstly, there's a loadscreen and a minimap! I see many maps that leave these two items out, even though they are pretty important little details. Another thing I noticed was the environment. The author didn't place all of his objects the same. There's some buildings stacked on top of each other, tipped-over moisture vaporators, and other creative uses of the stock assets. Some other nice little things I noticed were the Millenium Falcon flying over the city, and some banthas roaming around the outskirts. It set up great ambience for the map.

The author also made a couple of minor side tweaks. In Clone Wars, the Clone Commander and Jet Trooper are replaced with a Jet Trooper who wields a beefed-up blaster rifle. The MagnaGuard on the CIS side has been removed as well, to even out the sides. The heroes have been changed from their default settings as well, so that's also a plus. Gameplay is decent; the map isn't too big nor too small, and there's a good number of units for the size of the map.

Of course, no map is perfect. There are a couple of problems I'd like to point out. First and foremost, Tatooine is a very overused planet. It's been done many, many times in Battlefront already. I'd like to suggest to the author to do something new! Find a planet on Wookieepedia that nobody has made before. Tatooine has already been beaten to death.

Another problem I noticed was large amounts of flat areas in the city. Mix it up by adding hills and filling in those empty spaces. I also saw a couple of floating objects and a little bit of z-fighting on top of a building, but nothing major. I'd also like to suggest lowering the reinforcement count. 400 is a bit high, especially considering the number of units and size of the map.

All in all, a great start to YodatheHutt's modding career. Good job, I'm looking forward to seeing more from you!


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Download '' (99.78MB)

   This is one of my first maps.
It's a Mos Eisley map.
There are assault and conquest game modes.

Installation: Extrakt the BME folder to LucasArts/Star Wars Battlefront II/GameData/Addon folder.

-Yodakid for learning me how to mod and helping me with the Falcon animation.
-FragMe! for the swoop (Durge's swoop bike.)
-Mars Marshall (neomarz) for the Banthas.

  My E-mail: [email protected]

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