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The Battle Of Endor is the most iconic and exciting space battle from the entire Star Wars saga. Quite a few people have tried recreating it for the Battlefront series but those all ended up being as incomplete as the second Death Star. Well now we have a "fully armed and operational" version. Sorry, I couldn't resist the ROTJ references. :o

Now, I'm not particularly a fan of space maps. I find them kind of dull. The ships aren't exciting to fly around in and usually the only way you can win is by going around in circles and bombing the crap out of the enemy capital ship. Not much fun. Not to mention the fact that the shipped space battles are fairly inaccurate to begin with and lack the 'Star Wars feel.' Having said that, this is a great map that isn't dull in the least.

Instead of flying around in circles and bombing enemy ships I can actually become immersed in a dog fight. I've gotten the War Hero award every time I've played this map, which is something I've never been able to do in other space maps. All of the star fighters are unique and don't feel as manufactured and bland as the shipped ones. Joining the usual cast of star fighters are the always-cool B-Wings and TIE Defenders. Each fighter has it's own qualities and can be utilized in a wide variety of manners, which puts an interesting spin on things. One thing I hated about the shipped star fighters is that they felt very standardized and unoriginal. The fighters and interceptors wouldn't last very long and were fairly ineffective, which often prompted me to only go for the bombers. The unimaginative star fighters definitely brought down the quality and fun of the shipped space maps, but fortunately Mav has remedied that in Space Endor, which is perhaps the map's biggest strength.

Another plus for the map is the amount of detail that's been put into it. In the background you'll see the second Death Star, The Executor, and various starships. Harmless laser fire adds an intense atmosphere to the battle. The interiors of the Calamari Cruiser and Star Destroyers have been expanded and feature various props such as crates, scaffolds, bacta tanks, and astromech droids. It even has custom music.

And of course there's the Millennium Falcon, which I'll leave you guys to try out on your own. All I'll say is that it's awesome. ;) And then finally, there's yet another one of Mav's Easter Eggs hidden in here. I have yet to find it, but I'll keep looking.

Note that this is not the full version. I quote Mav, "This, while a finished map, only includes assault mode. If you want to play this map with assault mode, 1-flag CTF, and team dogfight, you'll need to wait for the Conversion Pack to come out - those modes will be integrated with this map then."

Anyway, so this is pretty much the best space map ever. But don't take my word for it -- see for yourself!


PS: Creativity gets a 10 because of the Easter Egg. Even though I haven't gotten it myself, I'm familiar with Easter Eggs from Mav's past maps and I know that a lot of creativity goes into these.

And credit goes to AlexSecura for several of the pics below!



Space Endor

by Maveritchell


Endor. The last thing we see in the Star Wars trilogy & one of the most exciting battles in any of the movies - and my personal favorite. Too bad Pandemic decided to leave this out of the game, huh?

Well, if I may, allow me to submit this recreation.

No map on this battle could possibly cover all aspects of it, and I'm not claiming to nor in my wildest dreams could I hope to. What you'll get here is a map focused on the space combat seen in the movie, with a couple extra things thrown in.

Tweaked space sides (based off of X-Wing series setup)
B-Wings & TIE Defenders in lieu of shuttles for either side
Slightly expanded (and differentiated) interiors
"Conditional-unlock" Millennium Falcon
Easter Egg miniquest
Expanded space battle (shipcount increased)
Animated frigates
Custom music

This is a really fun space map, for me, and if you like SWBF2 flying at all hopefully this'll be fun for you, too.



Extract (from the .zip file) folder "SEN"
Move SEN into your addon folder (Star Wars Battlefront II/Gamedata/addon)



Jesus Christ - Father, brother, sustainer, redeemer, all glory & honor & praise
Lord_Bandu/minilogoguy - TIE Defender/B-Wing models
Caleb1117 - prop model
Ghost - prop model
AceMastermind - Falcon model tweaks
EvilleJedi - Super Star Destroyer model

Beta Testers: Taivyx, Grev, Lord Bardar, MercuryNoodles, AlexSecura, EraOfDesann, MasterSaitek009, Frisbeetarian, trainmaster611

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