Battle Of Geonosis; 125th

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Here's the file I mentioned yesterday as promised. P-Unit you can have the next two files. ;)

Let me start by saying that this map was made for multiplayer. As you're making your way through the map it'll just scream "MULTIPLAYER" at you in a loud and obnoxious voice. Why do I say this? For one, the map is HUGE. I mean it's really HUGE. The biggest map I can recall is Raxus Prime and I think this is even bigger than that. Next, there are so many different kinds of gameplay in the map and so many choices. You can fly a drop ship, pilot an AT-TE, run it on foot, assist the Jedi, assist the acklays, or whatever. You really don't ever feel bored and that's what's important. Now I don't know if it works online but somebody needs to give it a try. Having a server with this map and lots of players would be a complete blast.

The map is an expansion of the original Geonosis map, which players can identify somewhere near the middle. The design is awkward, to be honest. To top it off the mini-map doesn't show all of the map so it's kinda hard to navigate around on foot. A better mini-map would be greatly appreciated. The terrain elevation isn't quite as smooth as I'd prefer. Be sure to use the "blend" tool when you're doing any work on the terrain height in the future. It makes it looks much more smooth and real... even though Geonosis isn't exactly smooth. I would also recommend using a variety of terrain textures on the cliffs and distant hills because from far away they have that terrain pattern that gives the environment a very artificial feel.

As long as I'm on negative side of the review I might as well point out some bugs I noticed. Some vehicles are missing sounds and some AI run into objects. There. That was easy. :p

Now back to the good. Oh, and how good it is! The map has a TON of features. New units, Jedi, acklays, some new vehicles, and some very cool weapons. I'm amazed at the file size considering how much stuff is packed into this map. Now going into detail over every little thing would take too long so I'll touch on some of the stuff I liked the most:

The ARC Commander. Best. Unit. Ever. He has this sweet gun that does all these different tricks. It can shoot a laser beam, create huge explosions, or just hit stuff with a big bang. It's great for taking out acklays and vehicles. It's kinda like driving a hummer: you feel very big, important, and bad-ass.

This map is litterally crawling with acklays -- especially near the spire. They're always fun to fight because they can kill you so easily... plus they're big. Don't ever try to take on an acklay as a Jedi or any kind of melee unit. If you see a Jedi running to an acklay call him over to you and run away because the acklay will just knock the Jedi down and poke him to death with it's legs. The best way to take out acklays is with projectile weapons -- specifically the ARC Commanders large gun. Also the AT-TE's secondary cannons can take one out with one hit, but be careful because they'll form a mob around the walker and moving becomes very difficult.

Also worth mentioning is the ARC Elite unit which has his own sword. Cool, huh? The map also features Jedi celebrities from the Conversion Pack such as Luminara Unduli and Shaak Ti.

*catches breath*

I could go on and on about this map but I don't have the time and you don't have the attention span. The map has lots to explore. Download for yourself and try it out, you won't be disappointed. Excellent work for your first map Master Fionwë! I'm definitely looking forward to the final version!


PS: Someone put it on a server! Playing it by yourself is only half of the experience! :rock:



Master Fionwë	
A proud homeschooler									 07/29/2007
Battle of Geonosis; 125th

This is my first map that is being released. Also the first map to even work for me. It has taken a long time, and a lot of effort to get 
stuff up to the level of gameplay that I desired. It was originally extension of the shipped Geonosis map, but it's changed almost beyond 
recognition now. 
Conquest experiences random crashes, usually after about five to ten minutes of play. I have not been able to find out the 
exact issue, but will do so, and release a completed version later. Hunt and Xl modes don't work, I made a mistake somewhere along the 
line of adding them to the map. Assault works fine, though, it should not crash at all unless you have the lod and view turned up too high. 
You should put all the vision options at low, unless you have a really good computer. Sorry for the inconvenience about this. 

The story:
125th Commander: The other legions have landed, rescued the Jedi from the arena and secured the area. We have arrived as backup to them. Move forward with caution men, but also with pride. This is the first battle of the Clone Army, and it wouldn't do to lose. The fate of the galaxy, lay in the outcome of this encounter, if we lose, there shall be no chance of recovery. We win, and the wars already ours. How long it'll take those dumb gearheads to figure that out after this, who can say? Radar scans show some large creatures out there, so watch your backs, men.

Tips and pointers about this map;
To get the best fight out of it, set ai at elite. 
You shall have to use all the resources available to win this battle, because even on normal difficulty, the rep are shoved back to the
base cp fairly quickly if you go off on your own tp some other part of the map. cp0 is your base as the Republic, so you would do well to 
keep it, as it spawns in most of your vehicles. If you lose that cp, you've lost the battle, unless you can take another and make up the 
losses quickly. Use your vehicles to the best effect, as thcan give you an advantage early on in the battle. The chasm cp is neutral, take 
it right away for a base of operations. It is not accessed easily, only three ways in, and all are small, tight entrances, making it easy to 
defend, or difficult to capture. You have to go on foot, or you can find another way to get it fast. I found quite a few.

This is not the final version, there are a good deal of things that have yet to be worked out.


Thanks especially to the members of Gametoast who helped me out with this map far more than I expected. They know who they are.
Psych0Fred for some of the vehicles.
The creator of the Disruptor rifle,
The creator of the arc gun
the creator of the dc15 model,
the creator of the dh-17 model
Challenger33 for the hex-edited jettrooper model
AlexSecura for the support he's given me
My brother for getting the game in the first place

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the most Blessed Sacrament be praised, adored, and loved with grateful affection, in all the tabernacles of the world.

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