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(Review of previous version can be found here)...


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(Review of previous version can be found here)

Here we have version 2 of 666rulerofclones' Battlefront II Sides Expansion mod. There's a list of all the changes to the sides in the readme included below.

Changes from the previous version were mostly in the area of balance. The overpowered Clone Officer's chaingun has been replaced with a normal chaingun that fires blue ordnance. This new update also includes new weapon models (again, see the readme for a list/ more information). I have a couple of problems with this mod. Firstly, why give the rocketeer a rifle instead of a pistol? That pretty much renders the rifleman almost uselss, since his forte is the rifle. I also don't like the rifle model for the clones being replaced by the carbine. Compared to the rifle, the carbine just looks... wimpy. But meh, that's just my opinion.

READ THE README before installing this mod. It has a much more detailed description as well as installation instructions.

One more thing: BACK UP YOUR SIDES FILES BEFORE INSTALLING! I can't emphasize this enough. If you don't create back ups, and decide you don't like/ want to unistall this mod, you'll have to reinstall the game to get those files back. For those of you who may not know, here's a list of the files you need to back up:

  • all.lvl allshell.lvl cis.lvl cisshell.lvl imp.lvl impshell.lvl rep.lvl repshell.lvl

These files can be found in your "...\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\DATA\_LVL_PC\SIDE" folder.

That's everything. Leave feedback for the author if you download and play this file. Thanks!


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Download 'battlefront_2_sides_expansion_2.0.7z' (101.33MB)

This is version 2 of my Battlefront 2 Sides Expansion mod. This does basically the same except that this version is ALOT more balanced regarding gameplay. This version also has a few new weapon models, such as the DC-15S Carbine, DC-15A Rifle, DH-17 Carbine, T-21 Light Repeater, E-5s Repeating Rifle, and the Westar-15 Pistol. The units have gone through some slight changes, but the first thing I think you'll notice is that the Super Battle Droid has been replaced by a Battle Droid, and that the SBD now replaces the Assault Droid,(I beefed up his wrist rockets too, to even things up). The magnaguard also has his Bulldog back and the award rifle model was changed to a E-5s. The Republic has been beefed up a little, too. The Republic Trooper skins have been changed a little bit (sorry about the wierd dust splotches on him, I couldn't fix that.) The chaingun now fires the original ordance, but the laser color/texture has been changed to blue. The rifle has been changed to a DC-15S, the Commando Pistol to a Westar-15, the award rifle to a DC-15A. The Republic's spaceships have been changed too. The V-wing and the Jedi fighter now fire the Arc-170's lasers and their rockets were removed, the Arc-170 now has three seats, first seat has lasers, second has bombs, and the third seat has a particle cannon. The Imperial Sniper Rifle was changed to a DLT-20a, the Award rifle to a T-21. The Imperial Officer carries a rifle instead of a sonic blaster. The Rebel rifle has been changed to a DH-17, the award rifle is an A-280. The Bothan Spy carries a Commando Pistol, and Incinerator, Stealth, and a Recon Droid. The standard rocketeer carries a rifle instead of a pistol, riflemen carry 600 rounds for their rifle, snipers carry commando pistols, engineers carry rifles, and most officers and special units (except the Magnaguard, Droideka, Bothan Spy, and Wookie), carry a rifle instead of one of their weapons (usually a pistol, but if they have a suck-ish tpye gun, i replaced that with a rifle to.

INSTALLATION: move all files inside this file to Gamedatadata_lvl_pcside and DON'T FORGET TO BACK UP YOUR ORIGINALS FIRST! I cannot over-emphasize how important this step is! Then play the game and Have Fun!

Syth for the DH-17 Carbine and the Westar-15 Pistol
Pahricida for the DC-15A Rifle
Oom-9 for the DC-15S Carbine
Warlord28 for the T-21 Light Repeater

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