Battlefront Extreme



This is ARC_Commander's Battlefront Extreme. It's a large sides mod that changes nearly every side in the game. It has a lot of fun new changes, including new weapon setups, different legions of clones for different planets

Additionally, ARC_Commander has changed the space setups, as well. They've been touched up to be a little more realistic and some of you will be very pleased to see new ships in there as well.

One of the neatest things I think ARC_Commander has done is giving each side really distinct non-basic classes. Each side has three "special" classes: a recon class, a commando class, and an officer class. Each special class is different based on the sides and some are really quite powerful.

It's really rather tough to go into great detail about this mod, simply because there's so much in there. I know it's a really big download, but trust me, it's worth at least a look. This is pretty fun to play with.





This is the one, the only, Battlefront Extreme. A full-scale side mod that changes every single aspect of Battlefront 2. Check out www.freewebs.com/battlefrontextreme for more info and screenshots.

To install, move the BFXTemp folder to C: and run "install.bat". Delete the BFXTemp folder once the batch file is finished, it may take a long time depending on your computer. Once the batch file is done, you're ready to play BFX.

I have included a set of scripts to automate installation, uninstallation, enabling, and disabling BFX. Once BFX is installed, they are located in: "C:Program FilesStar Wars Battlefront IIGameDataDATA". The enabling and disabling scripts are for online play - disable BFX to play online.


- ARC_Commander


- Syth for asset pack and Bounty Hunters assets
- AceMastermind for weapon models
- Darth_Z13 for JKA models
- Dragonum and JawaKiller for assets from ML-Kashyyyk
- RepSharpshooter for the 501st skin, caped clones and clone visor reflections
- Commander Fordo for some clone skins
- Taivyx for DL-18 and force pike
- Rekubot for DH-17
- BFWE-Pinguin and Falco for the clone assassin
- L-5-R for knife
- Schizo and t551 for T-21
- FOOLIS for shocktrooper skin
- The_Emperor for Reborn skin
- Droideka88 for some skins
- Teancum for some clone skins, Conversion Pack assets and orbital strike binoculars
- Conversion Pack people for CP assets
- Wazmol69 for skins and converting JKA models to SWBF2
- Pahricida for EE-3
- OOM-9 for DC-15S carbine
- Dragon93 for Shadow Trooper
- Majin Revan for Clone Commando and T-21
- Dragonum for DC-15s pistol
- NeoMarz for DC-17m and JKA sniper rifle
- ]v[ for Dark Trooper
- FragMe for converting models
- MasterSaitek009 for melee attacks and Force heal
- JabbaLovesLava and Delta_57_Dash for disruptor rifle
- Qdin for Commander Cody
- Maveritchell for assault transport
- Pandemic for the SWBF2 assets

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