Battlefront Zero 5.0

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Battlefront Zero, version 5.0, is the latest iteration of MandeRek & co.'s large-scale mod. It's a big helping of a lot of custom content, and definitely one of the larger mods available, and if for nothing else should be recognized for giving people a lot of new stuff to try out.This version is an upgrade to the previously released version 3.0, which was released here about half a year ago. This newer version makes one major change - the addition of a GCW era on some maps - and several smaller changes, like bugfixes.As mentioned, the bulk of any new content for this version lies in the new era (GCW). The Rebels and Imperials are done up in BF0 fashion, although with these sides the weapons are either weaker or the units simply seem to have more health. The GCW sides aren't available on every planet, but they are on most of the BF0 maps, as well as a copy of the Death Star map.What was interesting, or at least notable, about these sides was what I mentioned above - for some reason they seemed to take much more time to kill the individual units? Especially notable were units like the Imperial's "Rogue Pilot," which seemed to be able to take rockets and shotgun blasts to the face with abandon. The minimalized damage seemed to carry over into the GCW's heroes, which - and forgive me if this is just a lack of memory - seemed to have the unique "force light" or "darkness" attacks (depending on whether it was an Imperial or Rebel hero) that were effectively multi-area push attacks. These attacks didn't seem to do a whole lot of damage (if any), which effectively left some heroes without a damaging non-saber attack. I know this is the case for some stock heroes, too, but the stock units don't seem to have nearly as much health as these regular units do.I do believe, also, that a couple of additions were made in terms of modes available. I think that in the previous version, only hero assault was available on Mustafar: Burning Platforms, and so it was nice to see conquest made ready for that map. It was one of the maps whose design I thought was neat, even in the face of some modeling/texturing issues I thought could have been better resolved.Many of the criticisms I might have made before remain unchanged, and so I won't go into great detail - obviously the larger the project, the larger the potential for things to be criticized - so I'll only give a quick overview. There are a number of maps on which I wish a little more time had been spent working out the models and UVs - some of them seem a little sloppy. Sounds seemed fine this time around except for some of the GCW-era maps, in which things like weapon sounds or lightsaber sounds could be found missing. The only really notable new bug I saw was the "ghost AT-PT" (on Kashyyyk) which, while it does have collision with the ground and objects, it has collision with nothing else - ordnance or units. It makes it rather hard to destroy.All in all, it is a very substantial mod, most especially in breadth of content. Don't let my criticisms fool you - there is definitely a lot there to explore and try out, and much of it is fun to play with. If you've been a fan of the mod before, assuredly you will enjoy this version, and if you've never tried it out before, it's certainly worth a try.-MavP.S. Note to the author: To get your file up on our system, I had to re-archive the file to slightly reduce its filesize - in case you were wondering why it is a .exe archive instead of a .rar.Also, sorry for the delay in publishing. We've been dealing with a big systems hassle, and if it makes you feel any better, my own mod was stonewalled by the same tech issues (that were out of our hands anyway).


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