Bespin: Escape

bespin_escapev1.0.zip —


For the most part, the buildings are placed nicely, there's hallways and platforms and walkways all over the map. It's quite large, and it took me a while to explore everything. However, while one side of the map is architecturally sound, the other is just a flat open area. I would have preferred if this were either filled with something to keep it interesting or simply removed.Sadly, though I did love the design of the map itself, I can't say I was a fan of the gameplay. The map was very large with few bots, making Conquest mode more about capturing CPs en masse and less about actually fighting enemies. This is partly due to the size of the map and number of bots, but there's also many places where I saw bots getting stuck, especially around, under, or on the high walkways. There's plenty of game modes to enjoy here, such as a hunt mode that recreates the escape scene from Empire Strikes Back, and the map itself is solid enough despite the bot problems, so give it a download if it sounds or looks fun.-Xavious


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