Bespin: Industry City

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Bespin: Industry City is YodatheHutt's third map and is well put together. The battlefield is located in the skies of Bespin on Platforms. But before you turn it down thinking this is just another Bespin: Platforms map its quite different and fun to play. It has six different CP's, three for each Team with a narrow row of Platforms that lead from one Teams base to the other and therefore causing a lot of action because of that one way passage. Its not an overwhelming amount of enemy forces but just enough to make it a little more difficult so you can't just run through as a one man army...which is great to have sometimes when your up for some competition!

There is just Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War Conquest modes. As far as sides go, they aren't all stock. Clone Wars consists of EP2 Clones with a new yellow Jet Trooper that looks very nice by the way. It also excludes the Clone Commander and the Jet Tropper is named Clone Commander and the Clone Wars Hero is Mace Windu. The CIS aren't changed except that the MangaGuard is taken out and their Hero is Count Dooku. Galactic Civil War has normal sides except the Rebels only have Rebel Soldiers, Rebel Smugglers, and Bothan Spy's with Luke Skywalker as the Hero. The Empire's Hero is Boba Fett.

There are also some starfighters for those who don't like fighting on the ground. Its a very nice map and the only bug that I saw was that the fighters don't have any sounds. Download if you'd like.

@Author: You could fix the file size by taking out all the units you aren't using out of the sides REQ file(s) and deleting unnecessary side files such as repshell, tur (turrets), etc. of which your not using. Something to look into if you are planning on a future version.

-Delta 47



                    BESPIN: INDUSTRY CITY
                     This is my third map.

   Extrakt the BPS folder to LucasArts/Star Wars Battlefront II/GameData/Addon folder.
      If you don't have one create a new.

       The minimap is red because the Bespin sky in ZE was red and it's
       not exactly correct.

       Fighters don't have any sound.

       And more...
        My E-mail: [email protected]
               And my Xfire: masteryodathehutt.

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