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This file, by spaceyavin, is another conversion of SWBF1 Bespin Platforms we can add to the pile. Most of you are probably already pretty fa...


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This file, by spaceyavin, is another conversion of SWBF1 Bespin Platforms we can add to the pile. Most of you are probably already pretty familiar with the Bespin: Platforms map; if you haven't played it in SWBF1, you probably played it in the Conversion Pack.

So what you're probably asking is this: what's different?

Well, this version plays a lot like early, early versions of the Conversion Pack Bespin. It has a number of the bugs you might remember from those - pretty much every vehicle and turret is missing sounds, there's no deathregion on the bottom and there's no texture or color on the bottom. Localizations are wrong too, for at least one of the flyers.

The map is touted as featuring "SWBF1 Sides," although what they really are is units similar to SWBF1 in terms of weapons, but they still play like SWBF2 (with sprinting, award weapons, etc.) and they're missing some of the grenades that were unique to SWBF1. There's also the jet trooper, which is very odd and out of place - he has infinite rockets and grenades, but no other weapons - so the AI doesn't shoot at infantry at all (it is an unmodified rocket launcher and as such AI won't fire it at infantry). And of course it isn't really like the SWBF1 jettrooper. It's also worth noting that only CW is playable, no GCW here.

And then there is the ridiculously large filesize. Uncompressed, the file comes to about 440 MB, mostly because it packs a lot of unused data into the sides (there are also sides included that don't get used at all). I can at least understand the overlarge Republic and CIS sides; it's a fairly common mistake - but I'm really wondering why there were all the unused sides in there.

So what's the deal? Certainly, I can understand why someone might want a copy of just the Bespin: Platforms map, but in all honesty, we do have better single-map conversions available that also take up less space on your hard drive. My recommendation to the author would be to consider giving this a bit of polish if he wants to use it himself (and fix those sounds) and to anyone else, either download one of the better conversions or just download the Conversion Pack, which actually has both SWBF2 and SWBF1 modes for the same map, with more polish.


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Download '' (173.15MB)

A Battle On Planet Bespin! SWBF2 to SWBF1!

Clone Trooper with BF1 Weapons
Arc Trooper with BF1 Weapons
Clone Pilot with BF1 weapons
Clone Sharpshooter with BF1 weapons
Jet Trooper with BF1 weapons

SBD with BF1 weapons
Assault Droid with BF1 weapons
Assassin Droid with BF1 weapons
Pilot Droid with BF1 weapons
Droideka with BF1 weapons

There is no death-region at the bottom of the map, meaning that there is a floor!

Pandemic, Teancum, TAW Clan - Bespin: Platforms Map
Pandemic, Teancum, TAW Clan - Cloud Car
TheKingOfTheThing - Helping me figure out how to mod Sides
SpaceY - The Rest!!


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