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Here's a doodad that'll let you pick your version to play for BF II- 1.0 or 1.1, windowed or fullscreen, from eatmylightsaber. I dunno exac...


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Here's a doodad that'll let you pick your version to play for BF II- 1.0 or 1.1, windowed or fullscreen, from eatmylightsaber. I dunno exactly why anyone still plays 1.0, but whatever.

I know, I know, I'm against just saying 'ReAd teh redme!' as a review, but that was then, this is now, times have changed, gotta go with the flow, and I'm feeling lazy right now.

See readme for further instructions.


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Play on BF2 version 1.0 and 1.1 with the EML Version Picker 
Our Website:
Version Picker Website:
Need help?  Contact me at [email protected] or on xfire (username: eatmylightsaber)

IMPORTANT: This only works for the domestic version of BF2.
If you have any trouble at all with the version picker, just uninstall it, go to your "Program Files\Battlefront II\GameData" folder, delete BattlefrontII.exe, then rename BattlefrontII_Backup.exe to BattlefrontII.exe and problem solved.  Also, send me an email with as much info as you can about the problem so I can make a fix for it (if I feel like it).

Requires Microsoft .NET.  Most people already have it.  Go here if you have issues installing the program:

After you install the Version Picker it will appear in your Start > Programs menu in the battlefront folder.  A shortcut will also be made on your desktop, since some people seem to have difficulty finding things in their start menu.  Zbad cares about you retards.

The EML Version Picker lets you play version 1.0 or 1.1 whenever you want, in fullscreen or windowed mode!  No more reinstall hassles to switch between versions.  Players from both versions can now invade eachother's worlds with noobish glee.  Tired of getting owned every time on 1.1's Servants Of The Galaxy No Force server?  Go to 1.0 and get owned there instead!  I'm telling you folks, this is more fun than a box of bunnies and a hammer.  Finally!  Just when you thought BF2 couldn't have any more fun in store for you, we interrupt your humdrum cycle of dying the same way to the same people day after day to introduce you to a whole NEW set of people that will slaughter you in a veritable SLEW of innovative and entertaining new ways!  Zbad to the rescue!


Differences between v1.0 and v1.1 (Regarding mos eisley assault)

1.0:  "No Force" means no push pull or choke, but throw and lightning is usually allowed.  Servers tend to be only FFA or only duels.  There are no dedicated mos eisley assault servers with 22 people in them.  Players host games personally and can support about 6-8 players max before the lag starts getting ridiculous.  

1.1:  "No Force" means no right-click whatsoever.  The servers that can handle a lot of people get packed and even though there's 40-50 people dueling or no-force fighting in the big servers, you can sit there for hours hosting a game and waiting for someone to join.  Usual game:  Full map, heros vs villains (no TK, FFA is relatively uncommon) either force-allowed, or no-force and arena reserved for dueling.  It's quite common to have 20+ people fighting at once.

Extra useless paragraph

On 1.0, hopping between small servers makes for a very very different game environment from 1.1, where you usually have 1 or 2 assault servers packed with players.  Overall I'd say the most important thing to remember on 1.0 is this: A good host puts effort into making the game enjoyable for the players that bother to subject themselves to playing on your shitty laggy-ass server.
You might not be able to tell really great players from noobs at first, because chances are if they don't already know and respect you, they are only in your server out of sheer boredom and couldn't care less about winning or losing.  Skill is one thing, good sportsmanship quite another.  All the top players in both respects know eachother and seek to play with people from that level and attitude.  If you piss off one of us you will be shunned and regarded with contempt and you will never play in our reindeer games...  Until you change your name and learn your lesson.

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