Boras II: Stunt Course

Here's a purely-for-fun racing/stunt map from DannBoeing.

The map's central theme is a long, looping race course, of course, with ur...


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Here's a purely-for-fun racing/stunt map from [SBF]DannBoeing.

The map's central theme is a long, looping race course, of course, with urbany, canyony, dirty, and occasionally jungley sections. It can get kind of confusing and easy to get lost at times, I'd of liked some sort of marker that marks the track. Maybe some more of those R2 units that litter the map?

There's a few modified vehicles with which you race; the stunt bike, the stunt pod, and, hidden throughout the map, the stunt tank. They've all been tweaked to go faster and take little to no damage when you run headlong into a wall or fall from the top of the grand canyon. I think that it should be a bit less difficult to crash and burn, but it's not a biggie.

My main complaint with the vehicles is that they get way too much air time. Them falling sort of slow can be awesome at times, after hitting one of the numerous humongous jumps, it can be satisfieing to just fly over a sixth of the track. It would be more satisfieing, though, if you felt a little more weighted.

The sides have been decked out (they fit the tone of this map well, though)- everything from stunt pilots to 'Jet Jedi' to Jar Jar Binks. A region that replenishes your ammo covers the entire map, so don't worry about ever running out of ammo for your 'Semi-automatic Rocket Launcher'. Most of the units have been given super-jetpacks or something to let them get around the map quickly (and to see the race from above, make sure no one is cheating). The stunt Droideka, for example, has been given speed that almost surpasses most of the actual racing vehicles.

This map seems to be meant for multiplayer. It can get awefully lonely racing around be yourself, and while the computer does follow the track, they just aren't good company. Have fun racing!


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Download '' (110.29MB)


by: [SBF]DannBoeing

Install Instructions:

Run The Installer and Install the Mod Map to */Star Wars Battlefront II/GameData/addon/BSC
MAKE SURE if you have any previous versions of the map that you delete them (the old version addon folder name is BR2)
Once you Have done this the map should appear on your Instant Action Map list and in Multiplayer.

*the Default path is C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon\BSC make sure that this is the location of your Star Wars Battlefront II folder.


This map was inspired by the SWBF1 map, Tatooine: Boonta Eve.  Boras II: Stunt Course is a stunt and race map.  There are several different types of vehicles to play with including Stunt Bikes, Stunt Pods, and Stunt Tanks.  The course is very big and there are many things to do.  Also included are new units, heroes, weapons, and unit skins.


Rends (for the Stunt Pod mesh), and all the other people who were able to give me help on

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