Bounty Hunters vs. Jedi



This looks like a fun mod to play with for all you Jango and Obi Wan wannabes :D. Enjoy ;D

RoguE Jedi



This is a small twist on the celebrity deathmatch you all know and love, just without the shenanigans and with a new theme. 

This first venture into the Bounty Hunter vs. Jedi pits the padawans,knights and their smuggler friends against jango, boba, and grievous. The jedi are on the run and lack proper training. The only force powers they have are run , jump, and saber block. However if they manage to escape the bounty hunters alive, the force allows their health to regenerate over a period of time. 

Ladies and gentlemen I bring you Bounty Hunters vs. Jedi ... and their smuggler friends. 


Copy the mission.lvl file into your "C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\DATA\_LVL_PC" folder. Be sure to back up your original mission.lvl file into a folder of your choosing.


Delete or move the mission.lvl file with BH vs Jedi, and replace with the original you tucked away safely on your desktop in that folder called orginal mission.lvl :)

Note: I'd like to thank all these fellas who found alot of this stuff and bothered to post on forums so I could read bout it myself, both on filefront and gametoast. I'd like to say thanks DFYX, edupolin, j0ey, Kipp, and alot of you other guys out there who I can't quite recall your names who make contributions to the community, and my mom. 

Also to all the bounty hunters who hunted me down on starwars galaxies when I was easy credits, this is for you :) Now get out there and blast some padawans!

Credits: DINOBOT

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