This map left me very confused. According to the author, it's supposed to be a "training map." The ingame description says each mode is t...


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This map left me very confused. According to the author, it's supposed to be a "training map." The ingame description says each mode is training for pistols, rifles, and "special blasters." The whole purpose of the blaster-specific training is defeated by the overpowered Jedi characters on each side.

The map itself is lacking in a number of areas. The author can place objects, yes, but the placement of these objects isn't very well thought out, and leads to poor gameplay as a result. The brownish Tatooine buildings don't fit at all with the oversaturated green ground texture. There's a couple of Jabba's Palace objects, but they just don't work out the way they are placed. The sky is horridly pixelated. And the Command Posts have not been moved from their default positions. (Although the author did move the spawn paths....huh?)

The sides consist of a mix between default units and wacky Jedi characters with oversized lightsabers. There's also a force lightning attack that does barely any damage, but instead acts as a "super force push" of sorts. All of the Jedi also have malfunctioning lightsaber throw attacks. Dooku's lightsaber throw doesn't work at all. The rest of the characters' saber throws are slower than a snail climbing Mount Everest. Oh, and did I mention the oversized lightsabers?

I've given you the facts, it's up to you to decide if you want to download this map. If you do download, make sure you leave feedback; it's the best way to help modders get better and improve.


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Download 'c01.zip' (156.9MB)

This is an addon intended for NBJC members to test.
|Players face off+fair distance+both jump=Duel|
|Contact|Host Xfire Username: sithhydrogen
|No force duels in the arena unless otherwise agreed|
|Rule|Please do not abuse players or admins
|Duels are 1 on 1 unless otherwise agreed|
|Rule|Please do not exploit The Force, map, or glitches

Ask hydrogen for help if needed.

Extract the folder C01 from inside C01.zip to C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Battlefront IIGameDataAddon by default (or wherever you installed SWBF2 GameDataAddon.)

Close SWBF2 then open it again.  Then play SWBF2 and the map will be in your list.  You will be able to join games playing this map as well as host them.

To remove simply delete the C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Battlefront IIGameDataAddonC01 folder.

Ask Hydrogen before modifying.

Produced using ModTools from Pandemic.

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