Caleb1117's Crystal Pack



Another model pack from Caleb1117. This one includes some crystal formations. Or rather, one crystal formation that comes in a couple different colors. Great for an Illum map or any map that may involve caves or underground areas. As I said with the last file, you need modding experience to use these. If you don't know how to mod, don't download.

Check out the readme and screenshots for more information.




This is a collection of custom Crystal models by: Caleb1117

They are for the use of MODDERS, and MAPMAKERS ONLY
If you can't mod, you won't know what to do with these.

This pack contains 5 versions of the same crystal model.


The texture that I used for the Green crystal was made by Squipple.  
(so make sure to credit him too)
It was also used as a base to create the other colors.

The ODF's are set up so that you can add effects to various spots on  
the crystal model.
The Idea being to add some faint light effect for them.
They are blank because I could not find a good effect for them.
I didn't try very hard eather.

So if you find a good effect let me know.

This would probably be great for a *hint*Illum map*hint*
Anyway as usual Enjoy and put it to good use.

Thanks (from me) goes to:
[My unnamed exporter]___I'm excedingly Grateful
Squipple_______________For giving me the texture

Who you should credit:
Caleb1117 Crystal Model
Squipple Crystal Texture

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