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This is another one of caleb's model packs, including several of his Dantooine objects. I know I've found some of these to be very useful, a...


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This is another one of caleb's model packs, including several of his Dantooine objects. I know I've found some of these to be very useful, and I have no doubt anyone who could use these will find them equally so. More detailed description of what is included can be read in the readme.


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From Caleb1117
Upload to: Star Wars Battlefront 2 > Utilities > Source Files and Packs:


This pack is a colection of models that include:

A KotOR Hexigonal Container
A Improved KotOR Computer
A KotOR Desk
A KotOR Vertical Locker
A KotOR Work Bench
A KotOR Dantooine Tomb
A KotOR Dantooine Estate
A KotOR Dantooine Barrier
A improved starmap
Several KotOR Foot Lockers (open, closed, Etc)
Several KotOR Dantooine Cliff Models (with and without raised collision)
A Cave (with terrain cutter)
A New weapon model. (with two firepoints)
A Dual Bladed Sword
Several Skeleton, and skull props (you may need to scale them to your need)
And some ruins inspired by the ones from KotOR Dantooine.

Also Included are 3 nice new effects for my new KotOR Starmap. (included)

The textures that I used for:
The KotOR Hexagonal container
The KotOR Computer
The KotOR Workbench
Where made by Iryni Forge, from her JKA KotOR model pack, Used with
(so make sure to credit her too)

several of these models will be seen in My Dantoone map, Soon to come.
Anyway as usual Enjoy and put it to good use.

Thanks (from me) goes to:
FragMe!     I'm excedingly Grateful (exporter)
Iryni Forge KotOR textures.

Caleb1117         Models
Iryni Forge For some of the textures

Also, as requested by Iryni Forge, Here is a link to the original
model pack of hers.;77747

and her readme.

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: KotOR Map Objects
AUTHOR: Inyri Forge
E-MAIL: [email protected]

FILENAME: medieval_mapobjects.pk3
DATE RELEASED: 31 March 2007

<3 BioWare, whose original inspiration to make these for Knights of
the Old Republic prompted me to reproduce them for Jedi Academy. Also
thanks to Nozyspy, Kessno, and minilogoguy for beta testing and
helping along the way.

These map objects will need to be extracted and placed in your
map_objects folder within your base directory for easiest use while
mapping. Remember that these should be included with your PK3 when you
release your map, or you may alternatively simply include the original
PK3 with your map files.

This package is a mapping utility only! Do not expect it to do
anything if you are not a mapper.

I love Knights of the Old Republic. It's a great game, and I think it
needs some JA lovin'. However I'm very much anti-ports, so I'm hoping
these original models, made from scratch over several weeks, will
prompt mappers to take the ball into their own court and produce some
excellent replicas using their own work.

Included Models:
-computer console
-three storage containers
-kolto tank
-hangar thing from Davik's estate

There should not be any bugs with these. If you find some, however,
please report them so I can fix them. :)

I hope that any mappers making KotOR-themed maps will consider using
these map objects in their map. I'm also willing to make others, as
well as texture replicas.

Also ignore the lighting in the screenshots. I'm not a mapper. ;)

You may use these map objects in mods as long as this read-me is
included in your archive, unaltered, and appropriate credit is given.
You must also include a link in your read-me to where the original
file may be found (so other modders may use it as well). You may not
distribute *this* archive to any other site.


And here is the Email Iryni sent me, giving me permission, and
verifying that the models aren't ported.
That was back when I planed to convert her models too.

Sure, you can use them as long as I am credited and the original read-me is
included (with a link to the original release). They are also 100% custom --
feel free to compare them to the original meshes and textures if you need
more solid proof (beyond the fact that they are not 100% accurate replicas).
I'm strongly anti-port, which is one of the reasons I made them.


On 7/29/07, [email protected] <[email protected]> wrote:

> To Inyri Forge
> Hello, My name is Caleb1117, and I am a Member of a comunity named
> Gametoast that modifys the game Star Wars Battlefront 2.
> I would like permission to convert you SWKotOR object pack into our
> .msh format, so that we can make more, and better KotOR maps.
> You as author will of course be credited for its creation.
> Also Because KotOR sources are a touchy subject, and because our site
> is very carfull about these things, I would apprecate you to reply
> with a statement of their... custom-ness?
> Not that I don't belive you, I just might need an offical statement by
> the author, to be able to use them, and even release them to my
> community.
> Thank You.
>       [GT]Caleb1117

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