Caped Trooper Source Files



These are a few caped trooper models created using repsharpshooters very useful tutorial on gametoast. this was very simple to do once i realized what i was doing wrong. these things most of us could do but it was meant to help the people who couldn't.

This pack includes a few new clone models with capes. This is easy to do yourself if you now how to mod but for those of you who don't 666rulerofclones packaged it up so its all ready to go into your custom sides. These are only useful to modders.

-Delta 47



Important: these files are only useful for mappers and modders.

These are a few modified trooper models. they are basically three different versions of the Clone Trooper and the Shock Trooper. each of these models have a cape attached to them. Each of the three models have a differnt cape attached.
The capes used were a clone commanders cape, a heavy troopers cape, and a snipers cape.

I hope some of you will use this.

repsharpshooter for his tutorial on hex-editing cloth to different models.

to learn how to do this yourself, visit www.gametoast.com but be sure to credit me if you use these in a mod!

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