Capital Down 3

Capital Down 3 map for Star Wars Battlefront 2. Here we have a third map to the Capital Down maps created by DarthDaddy. Personally i don'...


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Capital Down 3 map for Star Wars Battlefront 2. Here we have a third map to the Capital Down maps created by DarthDaddy. Personally i don't think it is as good as the previous maps of Capital Down, however you may beg to differ. This is a very large map and is very empty in many places but as started in the readme it had to be to fit in the cruiser.

Firstly, the map has a very nice feel to it and a nice design idea. The mapping is generally very good, the uneven terrain gives a very nice battlefield feel to it. Unfortunately it does seem very empty and it's hard to get full use of all of it. The rebel cruiser is missing a few textures i believe as it shows up white in game. However if the unit counts are set to maximum this map can be excellent fun and a great game of battlefront 2 like the previous maps of Capital Down.

The use of vehicles and units in this map isn't too bad but has some flaws i think. Firstly the map is too big for the vehicles to make any impact on game until the forces collide at a small part of the map. Perhaps I would add a few more especially for the Galactic Civil War era some more AT-AT walkers to add that little extra to the battlefield. No new skins or weapons included in this map but i think that the units used fits in very well with the story stated in the read-me which is good.

There are, quite a few bugs in the map, mainly are sounds and textures. The only missing textures are those on the hanger of the cruiser which i stated earlier, the rest seem to be working ok. The sounds of weapons and guns on both vehicles and infantry are quite low or are silent.

There are slight errors in this map and changes that could have been made but i think if you did enjoy the first two maps then i think this will be a great addition to them. I would tryout this map, but i wouldn't expect everyone to like it due to some of the sound errors etc.

-Royal Tycoon

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Capital Down 3

Made by Jonathan Witt (a.k.a. "DarthDaddy")

The Story:

Clone Wars – The New Republic has discovered a desolate planet where a Clone Wars era, droid army is still active.  The droids still have teeth enough to shoot down a Mon Calamari Cruiser from orbit and are actively trying to finish the humans off on the ground.  Attack or defend the Mon Calamari Cruiser within and without, while transport cruisers attempt to evacuate the survivors.  (Just thought I would throw the droids in too while I was at it.  Just pretend those mini-destroyers are CIS frigates or something.)

Galactic Civil War – The Empire has shot down a Mon Calamari cruiser on a remote, mountainous planet in the Outer Rim territories.  Darth Vader is leading the 501st in a ground assualt to finish off the rebels before they can evacuate the survivors on transport cruisers.  Attack or defend the Mon Calamari Cruiser within and without.

Installation: Copy the folder "CD3" to your "Star Wars Battlefront II/GameData/AddOn" directory.

Gameplay:  Some of you may not like the distances between CP's and the sheer size of the map, but it was necessary to put even part of a Calamari Cruiser on the map and not have a million CP's.  Don't worry, there are plenty of vehicles to get around in quicker.  I highly recommend turning up the AI controlled opponents to 32 and upping the conquest reinforcements to 500, in order to produce the kind of fight these maps were designed for.

Acknowledgments:  This map is not without bugs, but a great fight regardless.  Some vehicle sounds and character sounds are still an issue.

Legal Matters:  These files may not be redistributed on CD or DVD, resold, modified, or "plugged" into a mod without permission from me.  Also, it is likely that I will not update these files from their current form.  Thanks goes to Lucasarts for the materials and to George Lucas for the inspiration!

Contact Info:  For comments or questions, email  May God be with you!

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