Christmas in Jinglin' Town



Ladies and Gentlemen, SWBF2 Fans alike I give you the mod for the holidays, one of the most fun maps for BF2, a map made by yours truly Dann Boeing, The Map we've all been waiting for...


Well, hows that for an intro? :D

Well this map was constructed by Dann Boeing but Many Models were made by the community,

3rd place goes to Thunder 2nd To Caleb1117 and #1 of course to FragMe!

Anyways on to the map.

This map has a bunch of modes such as Hunt and Conquest

In Conquest it's the standard capture the CPs, except all the units Are Green, Red, Blue and White and some have Santa hat's. The weapons are very christmasy too, Like Snowballs, Presents, Snowball Shotguns, Snowball Snipers, Snowball Rocket Launchers, Snowball Rifles, Snow Mines, Large Snowballs, Presents, Snowmen Turrets, Toy Probes, etc.

The Heroes are Santa Clause and Santa's Evil twin their weapons are

Santa Clause:

Candy Cane Lightsaber Force Candy Cane Saber Throw Presents

Evil Twin:

Coal Gun Coal Present Force Blizzard

Now on to Hunt.

Hunt CW:

The Jawas VS the Elves (Skinned Yodas :D)

The Teams consist of 2 units each One wearing a santa hat is the warrior

They have Snowballs Big Snowballs Huge Snowballs Snow Mines

Then the other one (no santa hat) is the Defender

They Have Snowballs Snowmen turrets Snow Fixers Snow Walls

Each team has a base with snow walls surrounding it and you try to capture the one in the middle

It's really fun.

Hunt GCW:

The Jawas Are Back! against Ewoks this time.

Every things the same except no elves, instead ewoks.

Now on to the Map layout. The map is a town it has roads, street lights, and houses and everything, and even Cars and Trucks you can drive, reminds me of GTA.

Some of the houses you can even go inside them and up to second and third stories. Also the health and ammo droids are piles of snowballs ;)

There's also the Secret Island of the Dancing Snowmen, try to find it ;)

So here's the map download it play and rave about it.


PS: Happy New Year



/\/\/\/\/\/\/   Christmas in Jinglin' Town   \/\/\/\/\/\/\

-----Version 1.0-----

By: [SBF]DannBoeing & Co.

Filesize once Installed: 343MB

Map Description:
In the snowy little town called Jinglin' Town, it's christmas every single day.  What is there to do other than open presents?  Snowball fights.  All weapons have been modified to shoot snowballs, presents, candycanes, and of course Beer.  The town is in a small rural-ish area surrounded by snowy forest and a frozen lake.  Up on the higher part of town up the hill there is also a more rustic area.  There are a couple cabins as well in the forest.  There is a small park by the town with a frozen pond and bridge.  You can even enter some house to find a nice, warm, cozy place to take a break from all the snowball fighting.  Some houses have snowmen and christmas trees on their front lawns.  Snowmen can also be placed as autoturrets that throw snowballs at people.  There are also drivable cars and trucks that shoot beer and snowballs.  Instead of Health/Ammo droids there are piles of snowballs to recharge both health and ammo.
Mode Description:

Jinglequest (Conquest)
This mode covers the whole map except the snowball fighting arena.  Here you can play with Jinglified star wars troopers.  Santa and Santa's evil twin are heroes.

Snowball Fight (Hunt)
Fight Jawas vs Ewoks or Jawas vs Christmas Elves all in Jinglin' costume.  You fight in the special snowball fighting arena with two forts on either side, and one center post in the middle.  There are various sizes of snowballs as well as snowmines for the offense units on each team.  There are snowballs, placeable snow-walls, and placeable defense snowmen for the defense units.

Other Features:
I (again with the help of Phazon_Elite) have set up a custom sound lvl with jolly christmas music.  You can also run people over with the cars :)  There is a little secret area that's not hard to find for those of you that like secret areas in my maps.  There are also secret sniper spots in the snowball arena.

Bugs/Issues: As always, there are few glitches with the ground textures since the game is easily overloaded with them.  The collision on the car is a little glitchy and extends out farther than the car, so its only enterable on the sides.  Warning: The AI of course have never been on earth before and have NOT learned how to drive, so they will often skid off the road hitting a lamp post.  Some effects such as the blizzard and candycane effects may disappear depending on your computer's visual memory.  Slower CPU's might have trouble with the amount of objects in the map causing slight lag, but i toned down the seeing distance so you shouldn't have any trouble with that.  Stability in multiplayer may vary.

Install Instructions:
Simply run the installer and install the map to the *\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon\XMS" directory.  Installation should take a few minutes.  The default directory is C:\Program Files\Lucasarts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon\XMS.  

Make sure you know where your Star Wars Battlefront II Folder is and that you have enough space (343MB) on your computer before you install.  Once Installed, the map should appear on the instant action and multiplayer game menus.  

To uninstall the map, simply remove the XMS folder from addon.

Saying that this is just another Dann Boeing map would be even more boastful and arrogant than I already am :D.  So please take into consideration all the people who helped me with this map (and there was a ton of help so this is probably gonna take up half the readme).

[GT]FragMe! - A modeling guru who made/imported/exported many models present in this map including: the Big 3-story Swiss Chalet model, the Toyota Camry and Ford Explorer models, the Christmas Tree & Lights, Picket Fences, Street lamp models, 1 Present model, Snow-Walls, Pile of Snowball health/recharge stations.  Without him this map would not have been possible.

[GT]Caleb1117=SotG=- A modeling expert who made/imported many models in the map including: 2 enterable houses, 1 enterable cabin, snowball models, the road tile models, and many of the house decorations such as the widescreen TV's.  Again without him this map would not have been possible.

[GT-B]{97th}Thunder - A great modeler who made many models in the map including: Santa Player Model (modified dooku model that I skinned), Present Models (I scaled em to different sizes), Ice sheet model, beer bottle model, and a Snowman-with-a-sword model that I was unfortuneately unable to use in the map because of it's glitchiness.

Challenger33 - Made the Metal Bar Fence model, as well as making a Ford Explorer model that was unable to be textured (I used FragMe's model instead).

Egg_Guts - Made the Famous Snowman model that i used in the map both as a prop and an autoturret.

Eddie/Squeddie/Saturn - Made various models like the cabin models as well as the Smokestack and Windmill Models, as well as a good deal of interior models like lamps, chairs, and paintings.

MandeRek - Made the Santa-Hat addon that i placed on several models.

Phazon_Elite/Ironclad - A soundz guru who made the custom Sound.LVL for my christmas music soundtrack...yet again.

And thanks of course to all the people who gave help and offered to help with the map on Gametoast.

Also, I apologize ahead of time to anyone I forgot to mention in the credits, which is possible and even likely as I have an absolutely terrible memory for these things.

Happy Holidays and Enjoy!!!!

Inmost Silence

5 years ago

Oddly this mod crashes on my win10 and only works on my Win8.1 Laptop. Any advice? :/

I just extracted the XMS folder and put it into the addon folder of battlefront (steam folder).

I'm really missing to play this great mod!

Edit: nevermind, reinstalled BFII and after 2nd attempt it suddenly worked.