Clan Duel Arena

I really did like this map. I never could figure out how to give Stormies and other people lightsabers...anyway, what we have here appears t...


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I really did like this map. I never could figure out how to give Stormies and other people lightsabers...anyway, what we have here appears to be a clan map for the clan {Rebel}. By reading the readme, it isn't clan-exclusive, so it can obviously be used by other clans, too.

The readme mentions a whole lot of stuff I didn't actually see...must not have been thorough enough. Anyway, the map consists of, in the Clone Wars era, mostly people I think are {Rebe} clan members with personalized characters, like the GT World Domination map by EGG_GUTS. My favorite has to be the Stormie one...that guy has a Darth Maul saber, except it's green, and the rear blade is deactivated. It usually leads to me stabbing myself mid dash attack. But it's really funny to see. :cool: There are way too many classes to simply just describe, so I'll let you discover how they work and all that.

In the GCW mode, it's normal hero assault from what I can tell. Now, the map itself must have a lot more than I saw, because I don't remember seeing a valley or a Cantina with a rancor pit. I only recall seeing the Yavin arena and Mos Eisley arena. Yes, folks, he ripped the Mos Eisley hanger and put it in the map, minus the barge. He also seems to have created what looks strikingly similar to the SWBF Yavin arena. I also spotted a few ruins and a tunnel. One or two pieces of ruins were either floating or with the mesh rip visible. The mesh rip being the transparent piece where you can see through it. And then there was the tunnels. The terrain cutter seems to have exposed the ground in a way that you can see right through the map. This isn't Darth_Maul's fault, because that's the way it works some times.

Over all, I think I'd use this map if I had a clan to speak of. Give it a download if you like it.

~Penguin Unit~

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Download '' (48.1MB)

Clan Duel Arena

by Xavious/Darth_Maul

Description: This is a map that was requested by a member of my clan, {Rebel}.
The Mos Eisley arena gets boring to host clan duels, etc. in. So, I've put
together this map that includes five unique arenas to enhance your online
dueling experience.

The central main arena is a Yavin 4 arena. (like the one from the BF1 map, 
except all the middle ruins and objects are gone.) There are stands overlooking
this arena, so clanmates can watch you duel, and there are healing droids
inside the arena's entrance so you can heal between duels.

The second arena is to one side of the main arena. This is the default Mos 
Eisley arena, except without the barge. There are healing droids all over
the rim so you can heal in between duels.

The third arena is intended to be a gun arena. It is covered by many ruins
to use as cover as well as two large temples as bases. The centerpiece of this 
arena also makes an ideal dueling ring.

The fourth arena is a large canyon. This arena is intended for vehicle 
fighting, and there are four spider walkers to fight with. There are also two
Yavin 4 main temples for use as you see fit.

The final arena is called the Rancor arena. This arena is the standard Mos
Eisley arena with a twist: There are three hungry Rancors in the middle. This
arena makes for a fun, challenging duel.

In addition to the arenas, there is also a cantina, and a cantina basement with
several underground tunnels leading to a Rancor pit.

Unzip the folder 'CDA' to your addon folder in the Star Wars Battlefront II
directory. (...Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon)
If you do not have an addon folder, create one there.

Start up Battlefront II, and Clan Duel Arena should be on your map select 

To uninstall, remove the 'CDA' folder from your addon folder.

{Rebel}Doom for the idea.
Teancum for any KotOR characters used in this map.
Anyone else who inspired this map in any way.

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