Clone Commando Source Files



O.K., I have gotten lots of requests for this...so here it is.

Nobody should even download this without reading the README file.

This is NOT a mod.

- Majin Revan



Releaser: Majin Revan
Contact: [email protected]


Finally! This file is a .zip file of everything I use for the Clone Commando.

The actual Clone Commando model was created by NeoMarz and converted by Teancum and Vyse.
Qdin made the DC-17m ICWS.
Dragonum made the DC-15s Side Arm Blaster.
DooFi made the skins for the Imperial Clone Commando and the first person view of it.
Majin Revan made every single .odf file in this .zip. Please do not modify them without first getting consent from me.

Make sure to credit the above authors for what they have each given.

This is what is contained inside:

* The DC-17m ICWS .msh and .odf files.
* The DC-15s Side Arm Blaster .msh and .odf files.
* The Clone Commando .msh and .odf files.
* The Imperial Clone Commando .tga files.
* The Republic Clone Commando .tga files.
* The sounds extracted from SWRC for each of the weapons and even some phrases stated by the Clone Commandos.
* The .tga file for the laser effect used for almost all of these weapons (and for all of my weapons).

I hope you all make good use of all of this.
Please do not forget to credit the people above if you use their things.
Also, if you use the files from this .zip, please state from where you got it.

Thank you.

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