Clone Remnant Mustafar

This is another one of Grev's Clone Remnant series, and presumably another one in some form of a beta version. This map takes place...


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This is another one of Grev's Clone Remnant series, and presumably another one in some form of a beta version. This map takes place somewhere on Mustafar.

I was relieved to see that the author had already taken note of some of the more obvious bugs in this, like the localization (you might note voiceovers, too) and the lack of deathregions in the "lava." There are still a couple things to be addressed, though, such as a couple floating objects (the Mygeeto "tankbuster" props) and floating HUD icons.

The map itself is a nice idea - the whole "lava planet" thing can be really interesting, and we don't often see maps on planets like that. However, there are a couple areas of implementation that could be better. I'd love to see some more lava bursts (particle effects) and some more props in the middle of the battle. Right now it feels like a straight run for either team to the center command post, which is where the only hill is located. A bit more terrain variation (on the actual battleground) might be in order.

Gameplay-wise, there are definitely some things to be worked out. The map feels heavily slanted in favor of the droids (and I can't say what it is in GCW, no AI spawned), aided significantly by the fact that the CIS has a strong melee unit (who mows through the clones). The balance really feels like it hurts the gameplay, often the CIS can win without much effort.

There are a couple other things I might address as well - lighting (the fog/lighting that permeates the area is a little too red) and props (noticeable are those bridges by the clone starting CP, which have no collision or visible polygons on top) come to mind. In the end, this is a good idea that falls a little short in the implementation. Since it does appear to be only a beta, there's room (and time) for improvement - I'd like to see what these beta maps that've been released end up like, since they've got potential.


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Download 'crg.rar' (73.66MB)

This is the second installment of the Clone Remnant series.

On this map, the clone remnant battles the NSO (New Seperatist Order) on the planet mustafar, where Arkhanous, the NSO leader decided to camp for a while to find a secret source of force energy. ON this map, you pilot an AT-ST, an Arc 170, and a tridroid fighter, or fight on foot as the Clone Remnant or the NSO forces of evil.

To install:
Go to C:/ProgramFiles/Lucasarts/StarwarsbattlefrontII/Gamedata/addon
Extract CRG to addon
If you dont have an addon foler, make one.

SOme localizations are off
No death regions
No flyer planning.

Caleb117: Underhand chaingun
Wazmol: Pauldron, visor, Arkhanous model
God, Syth, Maveritchell, Eggman: Inspiration
All of gametoast!: Support!

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