Clone Remnant Naboo- BETA



This map, made by Grev, is called Clone Remnant Naboo. As the title suggests, this map takes place on Naboo, in one of the many cities.

There are four command posts, one for each team on either side of the map, and two in the city in the middle. No matter which side you play as, you have to cross a bridge to get into the main city. Usually, each team nabs one of the central command posts at the beginning. One is located on a balcony in a building, and the other is in an open courtyard.

There's some new skins in here for the Republic and the CIS. The Republic had some green skins. They looked nice and all, but I'm really sick of people using the 501st skin as the base. The Republic also had a Dark Trooper with orange forearms. Most of the weapons were default, except for the Dark Trooper, who has a mortar launcher, and the Clone Commander, who has a chaingun that fires rockets instead of bullets. It's wy overpowered if you ask me, and seems to be what wins the Republic the battle every single time.

The CIS side was mostly unchanged, except for the Super Battle Droid, who is skinned to be darker. I'd suggest either downpowering the Clone Commander on the Republic, or adding something on the CIS to balance things out a little more.

There was a lot this map lacked. The instant I spawned, I noticed the hideous default sky. Then there was the overly bright terrain. To top it off, I took a few steps and fell into a crack between the terrain and the bridge and I died. I spawned again, this time taking care to leap over the crack, and moved into the city. The computer players were getting stuck on buildings everyone. Some barriers and planning are needed here. Also, there were some objects that were placed poorly and were floating, and there was a tower with no collision right in the middle of where most of the fighting takes place.

To make this map better, I'd suggest using the blend tool to repair some of the terrain glitches and jagged edges. It would also be nice is the author made more use of the rest of the city. Since there's only two command posts in the middle, all of the fighting takes place right there. There's plenty of space in the city, make use of it to add some more command posts. Some more new units would be nice, just don't make them crazily overpowered like the Clone Commander. (Who needs to be downpowered) Since the streets are so wide, I'd like to see a couple of tanks as well. Lastly, I want to see something more unique than just another Naboo city map. Add some buildings from other assets, reskinned to look Naboo-ish. A new sky is a must, try and find something to fit the mood you're trying to set for the map.

So there you have it. If it sounds good to you, give it a download. If not, sit this one out.

Cheers, -Xavious



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Well, this is Naboo, from Clone Remnant (My mappack), my 2nd beta map (First public release) and I just couldn't wait to realese it, so, I decided to release the first beta.

This is a naboo map with a big city temple base between a empire/ cis base. Massive fighting takes place here. There is no water around the map yet, so if it loks bland around, keep that in mind. This is a battle between the imperial clone remnant and the reborn CIS.


NOTE: GCW is just for fun. No editing has been done for GCW, and it will be removed in the next release.



Make an addon folder in C/Programfiles/Lucasarts/StarWarsBattlefront2/Gamedata.

It must be called addon.

Now, there are 2 chances of the following. If the files extract to a CRN folder in addon, then go and play.

If the files extract to a CR Naboo BETA folder:

Extract the folder called CRN, found in the folder CR Naboo BETA, into this addon folder, and voila, the map should show up in game.

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