Clone Remnant Naboo BETA 2



This is Grev's second attempt at a beta version of his Clone Remnant Naboo map. The earlier version (and earlier review) may be found here.

Note to the author: I apologize for not getting in contact with you earlier; I know you'd asked me to play through this (presumably) before you uploaded it here. Regardless, I'll treat this as I would any beta test and do my best to offer you some helpful suggestions.

About the map: As was described in the previous version of this, this is a fairly straightforward Naboo map. I ended up spawning first as the Republic, and I have to say that it was a nice view of the city, having to approach it from over a large bridge. It was a good first impression. However, it is clear that this is only a beta version, as there are still kinks to work out.

I like how this appears, Naboo-wise. It doesn't try to recreate Theed while at the same time staying away from the standard plains-type map. It reminded me somewhat of a more industrial city, probably because of the large towers and the dust in the air (I would suggest toning down the dust somewhat, though, as it looks a little sloppy).

First, clear up the edges of the map. Make sure you have boundaries so that you can't walk all the way out to the sides, and if possible give it some skydome horizon props (like mountains) so that it doesn't look like the map just ends.

The author did a mostly good job object-placement-wise, although I did find one floating set of buildings (Get in contact with me on GT, and I'll send you the screens I took). The main problem I see in this map, and this was alluded to by Xavious in the previous review, is that there's a large amount of empty space. You need to fill up this space with buildings, props, something. (And if you do use more Bespin props, like the fountain I saw, be sure to reskin it so that it fits its surroundings.) Adding vehicles alone won't fix this issue. (Also, it's worth noting that with the map as open as it is now, anything that shoots straight and fast - snipers, Han - will dominate on this map.)

Also, as previously mentioned, make sure you use the blend tool. I will go so far as to say NEVER leave those large flat terrain faces you get when you just lower the terrain with the square terrain tool. They look atrocious and should not make it into the final version of the map. When you need something like that inside the city, use an object and not the terrain. Stay away from non-blended terrain faces, please.

Make sure you fill in what looks like a moat around the city with water. It looks like it should be there, and if you're not sure that you want pristine water in there, then maybe use a little bit dirtier water, like BF2 Kashyyyk water. Alternatively, you could use props like rocks and grass to fill it up, as though it were a dry riverbed, but the water will be much easier.

Increase your unitcounts (or just the number of CPs). Even though it sounds like you added more CPs from the earlier version to now, I would up that number even more, as the fighting is just very spread-out.

So to sum up: -Edges of map -More props -Less open space -Floating buildings -BLEND TOOL -Water/scenery -Unit or CP count ++

All in all, I feel that this map has a fair amount of potential. It felt nice, and I could certainly see it being a very good Naboo map in the future. It's not quite there yet now, but doing most or all of the abovementioned would certainly help it there, I believe. I certainly look forward to seeing where this will end up.




This is the beta of the map clone remnant Naboo. This is the second beta with more side changes and other shiny things that make it 10% better than the first.

To install CRN


Go to :C/Programfiles/LucasArts/Starwarsbattlefront2/GameData

Make an addon folder. It must be called addon. Extract the folder Beta Folder into addon. 

Copy/ Paste the folder CRN which can be found in the Beta Folder intoaddon, and get rid of Beta Folder.

Turn on the game and play!

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