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As a start the mod includes a modded Republic as well as a modded CIS which adds a lot more fun for those of you who like to play as them bu...


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As a start the mod includes a modded Republic as well as a modded CIS which adds a lot more fun for those of you who like to play as them but which also greatly increases the difficulty for the Republic team but also balances everything out.

I'll start with the Republic upgrades. All of the Clone skins have a darkish-yellow and white armor, closely resembling the skins of the 212th Attack Battalion of Utapau with capes of course although not all of the models have capes. The clone models are a mix of the Republic EP3 sniper, Republic EP3 engineer, and the Imperial sniper models. As far as space goes the skins are the same as Conquest with a few different weapons. The Y-Wing also replaces the Jedi Starfighter.

The CIS are different from the Republic in many ways. The MagnaGuard has been taken out and replaced by a B1 Droid and the skins have been switched. Along with the weapon changes it makes them just as even as the Republic as far as balance goes. Same goes for space as the Republic in other words the skins stay the same with different weapons.

Now for the downside. There were a few things that bothered me. First off some of the names need to be localized or changed. Though not affecting game-play it keeps the units looking neat. Second a couple icons for the weapons are slightly moved from their original place. Also Geonosis Conquest has only the Clone Commander against the normal CIS, and since the Clone Commander has 8 points to unlock it is impossible to spawn if you play as the Republic.

Just to note the changes in this mod are to far changed from the default values disabling you the ability to play online. Enjoy.

-Delta 47

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Download 'clone_wars_expansion.rar' (50.29MB)


This is version two of my CIS side expansion. The changes are basically the same, except that the SBD is more powerful (wrist blaster has unlimited ammo and overheats). The Battle Droid replaces the Assault Droid, sniper has a new skin, engineer has a new skin, the officer has the SC Blaster Rifle, and is changed to an Oom-9 Commander Droid. The Droideka stays the same except that its Repeaters are far more powerful. These are the Units:

SUPER BATTLE DROID: Wrist Blaster, Tri-shot, Wrist Rocket
ASSAULT DROID: Assault Carbine, Rocket Launcher, Thermal Detonator, Poison Gas Grenade
ASSASSIN DROID: Sniper Rifle, Assault Carbine, Thermal Detonator, Recon Droid
ENGINEER DROID: Assault Carbine, Fusion Cutter, Thermal Detonator, Time Bomb
COMMANDER DROID: Blaster Rifle, Assault Carbine, Electro Binoculars, Thermal Detonator, Poison Gas Grenade
DROIDEKA: Heavy Repeating Blasters, Shield Generator

PILOT DROID: (Same As Engineer)
DROID MARINE: Blaster Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Thermal Detonator, Detpack

I also improved the starfighters.

Credits: Egg_Guts for the yellow droid skin.


I probably put more effort into this mod than i did into any of the others. For this mod i removed the Jet Trooper and replaced it with a Recon Trooper//ARC Recon Trooper. I changed all episode 2 clones to Arc Troopers. I added Episode Two Clones on Kamino and Mos Eisley. I also added Luminara Unduli (from the Convo Pack) to Naboo CW Conquest as a local team, and the Republic hero on Naboo is changed to Cloaked Anakin. 

STORY: The 78th Recon Legion was Arc-trained on Kamino but, unlike the rest of the Arcs, they were sent to Geonosis along with the rest of the Clones. During the Battle, they snuck behind the CIS lines and took out their hangar base, thus preventing the CIS ground forces from having any air support. After leaving Geonosis, the 78th was stationed on Tatooine, and there was attacked by a group of rouge Trade Federation droids who had escaped from Naboo during Episode 1. These droids rallied a group of tuskens to fight along-side them against the 78th. What these droids didnt know was that the 78th was backed up by Jedi Master Obi-wan Kenobi. After repelling and eliminating the threat on Tatooine, the now boring Mos Eisley assignment was turned over to the 347th. During Order 66, the 78th was stationed on Naboo, under the leadership of Jedi Master Luminara Unduli. The 78th had their hands full with her plus a small droid army AND the local palace guards. 


CLONE TROOPER:  Blaster Rifle, Blaster Carbine, EMP Grenade, Wrist Arc Caster
HEAVY TROOPER: Rocket Launcher, Blaster Carbine, Concussion Grenade, Time Bomb
CLONE SHARPSHOOTER: Sniper Rifle, Blaster Carbine, Thermal Detonator, Recon Droid
CLONE ENGINEER: Bolt-Action Rifle, Blaster Carbine, Fusion Cutter, Wrist Arc Caster
CLONE COMMANDER: Chaingun, Blaster Carbine, Thermal Detonator, Concussion Grenade
CLONE RECON TROOPER: Arc Rifle, Sniper Rifle, EMP Grenade, Thermal Detonator
CLONE PILOT: Same as engineer
CLONE MARINE: Blaster Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Thermal Detonator, Time Bomb

I also up-graded the ships and fixed a couple of the bugs.
There are a few other changes i made, which ill leave as surprises.

Caleb1117 for the Tri-gun
DarthD.U.C.K., Darth_Z, and Eric Landrenau
DarthD.U.C.L. for the DC-15S Carbine
ARC_Commander for the ARC Trooper skins
Fragme! for the floating icon fix
Bertie for the Arc Gun
Syth for about half the assets used in this mod.


Save the Clone Wars Expansion to C:Program FilesLucasartsStar Wars Battlefront II and unzip the Clone_Wars_Expansion.rar

Move the KMA folder to Gamedataaddon and create an ADDON folder if you dont already have one.

Move the repguard to Gamedatadata_lvl_pcfpmREP and make sure it is in the REP folder.

Re-name your original rep.lvl to rep_old and the cis.lvl to cis_old (the ones in the SIDE folder in Gamedatadata_lvl_pc)

Move the rep.lvl, arc.lvl, and cis.lvl to Gamedatadata_lvl_pcside

Re-name your original mission.lvl (the one in Gamedatadata_lvl_pc) to mission_old.

Move the mission.lvl to Gamedatadata_lvl_pc

and play the game!

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