Clone Wars: Geonosis



It's a big Geonossis land map with these vehicles;

- ATTE x 2 - LA-AT x3 - Hailfire x 2 - Spider Walker x 2 - Droid Starfighter X 4 It also has custom sides, for the CIS there's a new unit, a normal Battle droid with a blaster and grenades with a plain skin then for the Republic, he has redone the Clone Commander so now it's a Clone Commando, with a custom skin, DC 15 commando rifle, grenades, chaingun, and stuff. Also, guess what! There are cockpits, yes, that's right, there are cockpits for the space vehicles, and also the republic vehicles now had passenger slots!



    A:   C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\Addon
    B:   If you don't have an addon folder, create a new folde rin your GameData
         folder named "Addon"
2: Copy/Move the "GE1" Folder into the addon folder.
3: start your game and go into instant action, and you will see the map
This map is my first, its a big battle ground map on geonossis, with vehicles,
and space vehicles. their are 8 CPs, each team starts off with three.

I have lost my map file in my modding folder so i can't update this map untill i can find a back up.
PS: make sure to check out my modding/mapping website!

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