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This "Clone Wars Modpack" by 666rulerofclones is more of a three-for-one deal in terms of sides mods. Or a one-for-one, and it's just a big...


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This "Clone Wars Modpack" by 666rulerofclones is more of a three-for-one deal in terms of sides mods. Or a one-for-one, and it's just a big sides mod. However you prefer to mince the words.

Anyway, there are three distinct parts to this. First, there are the changes made to the Republic. This part changes the stock 501st legion into the 146th legion (as seen in the Conversion Pack). Several changes were made to the sides setup, the biggest perhaps is the removal of the jet trooper for a Republic commando unit. For the most part, all these changes can be found in 666rulerofclones's earlier 146th Legion Mod.

The second part is a set of changes to the CIS side. The changes are more moderate here. There are similar modifications to the vehicles as seen in the Republic side mod. A few of the units have been switched around in terms of weapon loadouts in the CIS side, and the biggest change is the removal of the assault unit and its replacement by the original CIS rifleman unit, the super battledroid. The readme mentioned some other weapon changes that I was unable to find.

The third part to this mod is the change made to the Naboo guards side - a not-often-seen change. The Naboo guards are made into a side of their own and used as replacements for the Republic or Rebels on Naboo in CW and GCW respectively. Their setup is very similar to the setups used in the earlier sides mod, although they do have an unlockable Naboo Queen unit instead of a hero.

Anyway, this is a pretty decent mod that makes a large amount of changes. If you're looking for something new, give it a try, but make sure you back everything it uses up - carefully. It does replace a lot and losing any of those files would break online compatibility.


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Download 'clone_wars_modpack.tar' (133.08MB)

This is my Clone Wars Modpack. This .TAR contains the files for three mods: Guards on Naboo, 146th Legion Mod (2.0), and the CIS Side Expansion. 

GUARS ON NABOO: This mod replaces the Republic and Rebels with Naboo Guards. This is more than just a simple HEX-edit, because there is also a modded guards side in the folder. 

CIS SIDE EXPANSION: this mod fixes the CIS side up a bit. The Battle Droid replaces the Super Battle Droid, which in turn replaced the Assault Droid. The Magnaguard was replaced with an Oom-9 Commander Droid. The Bulldog was replaced by the SC Blaster Rifle, and the Rocket Launcher was removed. The Battle Droid has extra explosives, though. The fighters have been improved. They all have cockpits, and the weapons are made more realistic. The unlimited missiles were removed from ALL vehicles. I also added Gas Grenades and a Poison Dart rifle.

146th Legion Mod (2.0): This is the second version of the mod i released just recently. The weapons have been changed up significantly. I added several new weapons, the DC-15S Carbine, the DC-17m Weapon System, the DC-15A Rifle, the DC-17 Pistol, and the DC-15S Pistol. The Jet Trooper was removed and replaced by a Republic Commando :/D). The Recon Trooper uses the DC-19 Carbine. The Clone Commander has the rifle, and the trooper carries the carbine. The vehicles and starfighters were made realistic. All unlimited missiles were removed. 

This mod was alot of work to complete. I hope you enjoy it. 

INSTALLATION: move the rep.lvl, repshell.lvl, cis.lvl, cisshell.lvl, and gar.lvl files to Gamedatadata_lvl_pcside and move the mission.lvl and the ingame.lvl to Gamedatadata_lvl_pc and also move the rep3rd.lvl to Gamedatadata_lvl_pcfpmrep and DO NOT FORGET TO BACK UP YOUR ORIGINAL FILES FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Majin_Revan for the Clone Commando models and skins
Oom-9 for the DC-15S Carbine
Pahricida for the DC-15A Rifle
Dragon93 for the DC-15S Pistol
DEVISS-REX for his tutorial on fixing weapon icons
Skyhammer_216 for the Poison Dart Rifle, Sonic Grenades, and Gas Grenades
Syth for the DC-15A Blaster Rifle, DC-15X Precision Rifle, Arc-170 and the V-wing
Fragme (i think) for the DC-17 Pistol

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