Clone Wars Pistol model



Pretty straightforward and simple here. This asset (only for modders) is a recreation of the DC-17 pistol seen in the "Clone Wars" series, sported by Captain Rex. Two versions of the pistol are included, one ostensibly for the off-hand.

If you check out the readme, you can hear more about how to set the pistols up, and then the succeeding screenshot is pretty self-explanatory. Looking for a new pistol? Download and enjoy!




I made these models to look like the pistol used by some of the Clones in the new animated Clone Wars. I made two msh's so theoretically they could be used as dual pistols like Captain Rex or Jango Fett.

I have not tried to write the ODF for that, yet, but I would probably override rep_weap_inf_commando_pistol.odf, set it up for off hand, increase the rate of fire and decrease the heatpershot.

A dual pistol animation would be required. Otherwise just ignore the msh that ends in ...mini_l.msh

If i ever get an animation and an odf, I'll probably re-upload this file as v1.5 or 2.0 or something.

Star Wars Clone Wars Dual Pistols README

		- by kinetosimpetus

	Pistols I designed to use as dual pistols like Calo Nord, Jango Fett, or Captain Rex

To Use: (note: for modders only, if you don't know how to mod, you can't use this)

	Copy all files to data_ABCSidesrepmsh
		(ABC is of course changed to whatever your map is called)

	write your own odf's

	rep_weap_inf_pistol_mini_r.msh has hard points hp_action and hp_fire1
	rep_weap_inf_pistol_mini_l.msh has hard points hp_action2 and hp_fire2
	You need a soldier animation for dual pistols (or you could just use one of them)

        You can do whatever you want with it as long as credit is given for the original.


	RepSharpShooter for uploading MshEx_beta3.zip to filefront - that helped export to .msh

	George Lucas for the Star Wars story

	LucasArts and Pandemic for one of the best games ever!

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