Clone Wars Pistol model



This is an updated version to kinetosimpetus's DC-17 pistol. Included with this are the same files you saw before with an updated texture and some animations and .odf templates (to the author - did you use my odf template or did you make one yourself?).

Anyway, download if you liked the previous version.




This is a fixed version of my previous pistol model.
It includes a template for an odf file and msh.option files for scaling.
I also darkened the texture file.
I fixed the position and rotation problems with the left pistol when used with Darth_DUCKs doublepistol animation (not included here)

Star Wars Clone Wars Dual Pistols 2.0 README

		- by kinetosimpetus

	Pistols I designed to use as dual pistols like Calo Nord, Jango Fett, or Captain Rex

To Use: (note: for modders only, if you don't know how to mod, you can't use this)

	Copy all files to data_***- Sides- rep
		(*** is of course changed to whatever your map is called)
	You need a soldier animation for dual pistols (or you could just use one of them)


	Scaled by msh.option files

	orientation and position fixed for left blaster

	texture darkened


	weapon odf template

	animations not included

	works with darth_DUCKs double pistol animation

        You can do whatever you want with it as long as credit is given for the original.


	Darth_DUCK for his double pistol assets

	RepSharpShooter for uploading MshEx_beta3.zip to filefront - that helped export to .msh

	George Lucas for the Star Wars story

	LucasArts and Pandemic for one of the best games ever!

Legal Stuff:
	Files not made by LucasArts or Pandemic.


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