Clones with Kamas



This is a small pack of only two clone msh's, the EP3 Clone Trooper and the EP3 Engineer with a Kama hex edited on to each. This is pretty simple and easy to do yourself if you know how to hex edit but for the rest of you all you have to do is replace the msh and option files included in the download with the ones in your custom side. Note that there are no lowres or textures included just a msh and option file for each model.

-Delta 47



Clones with Kamas ReadMe  


Included are the .msh and msh.option folders for a normal ep3 trooper and ep3 engineer, both with kamas.  A kama is the type of short cape that the, say, sniper or rocketeer has.  Putting these on different models is pretty easy, but I thought that there are a few newbie modders out there who aren't up to hex-editing and would settle for a simple msh switch.  

There are no .tga's or .odf's included.  

Who to credit:  

I won't go around demanding credit for something this simple.  So you don't have to credit me if you use these.  

Someone I would suggest crediting, though, is RepSharpShooter for his brilliant breakthrough in hex-editing that has made all of this possible.  

Well, enjoy!

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