[CONTEST]Urban Map



November/December 2008 Mapping Contest Entry


  • Large-sized city
  • Classic urban city
  • CW and GCW


Staff Picks:

xavribbonrd6.png saitekribboner7.png

To the voters: Any further review is up to you, the voters. At the end of the mapping period there will be a poll with every entry and we'll use that poll (or a series of polls) to select the best maps. So try out each map, see if you like it or not, and don't forget to vote for it if you liked it, at the end of the contest period. Remember that all contest maps may be found in the "Contest" section of the files archive for your easy perusal.

To the author: Remember that any file submitted for the contest may be resubmitted for a proper review at the end of the contest. All winning files will recieve proper reviews and posts as a Featured File/File of the Week, and the overall winner will recieve a video review.



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