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How many of you are looking forward to the final version of the Conversion Pack? For those of you who just can't wait, Maveritchell has released a demo of the new Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR) sides that will be added as a additional era in the Conversion Pack.

The setting is the default Mygeeto map, but somehow, the way the sides are set up makes it feel as though you're playing a different map. The two sides you can play as are the Sith and the Old Republic. (If you've never played KotOR and are unfamiliar with these two factions, check out the screenshots below) The sides layout has been completely modified from the default. The first five classes are Mav's standard setup that he's used in every map of his that has a KotOR mode. However, there's several new classes that I'm sure will get you excited.

One new units is the officer unit. His pistol may seem wimpy, but he specializes more in grenades. In fact, both the Republic and Sith Officers have three different different types of grenades. When playing as this class, seek the high ground, preferably someplace with an ammo droid nearby, and rain grenades down on your enemies. There's also a "Special" class and a "Droid" class, both of which vary by faction. And the final class is the Force-Users. The Sith have a lightsaber-wielding Sith, and the Republic has the Jedi Gunman. I know you guys will love the Jedi Gunman, because he has not one, but two pistols!

In addition, there is a mode where you can play as the heroes that will be making an appearence. Some of these new heroes include Revan, Malak, Carth, Calo Nord, Darth Nihilus, and more.

Give this a download and try out the awesome new KotOR sides for yourself! And make sure you read the all-important readme (There's a reason it's called READ ME) as this map installs a bit differently than the standard addon map.

Enjoy, and leave feedback for the author.


P.S. I didn't give this map a rating because a)it's a demo; and b)it's a default map, so half the rating areas don't apply.



Conversion Pack KotOR sides demo


Maveritchell (maveritchell at gmail dotcom).



First things first, make sure when you're installing, you carefully follow these instructions. 

Included is not only the addon demo map but a set of FPM (first-person) files that fixes the 

first-person views for most of the units.

Installing: To install, extract everything to your desktop. Copy (or cut) the folder "GameData" 

(which may be inside folder "korsides") and place it into your "Star Wars Battlefront II" folder. By 

default this will probably be C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Battlefront II. Allow it to 

overwrite - it's not actually overwriting files, it's just adding a new set of first-person 

animations. If you are concerned about overwriting files, though, feel free to back up anything you 



Description: This is the stock Mygeeto map. It was the map I used to test and refine the Knights of 

the Old Republic sides which will be featured as a new era in the 2.0 version of the Conversion Pack. 

The maps are set up just as conquest maps, but once they're integrated into the pack, you'll see 

these units on most maps in a variety of different modes (CTF, conquest, hero assault). Enjoy, and 

please direct all questions to my e-mail.

Please note that not all of the included models/textures are my own work - in fact the map is not even mine, it's Pandemic's! A comprehensive credits list will be available with the final release of the Conversion Pack; additionally, this is not to be referred to as solely the work of Maveritchell.


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