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This map is great. It reminds me of a awbf1 map I played where you land on a beach. This has that awesome feeling of the enemy actually trying to force a beachhead. Overall, a good map. The only thing wrong is the lack of custom sides, excpet for heros, and that the unit count isn't maxed out, but otherwise, its ok. It DOES contain the MTT, Hovernaut, and the Combat Speeders from SWBF1.

For some reason, the pictures won't load. Just so all those of you who will be complaining will know.~Valiantofficer

Fixed the pictures. Yes, I know it's two years late. Better late than never (besides I didn't upload it ;)) -Mav



Corellia: Shores 
By Food Eater

Copy CCS to the Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Battlefront IIGameDataaddon folder.
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This is my first map, Corellia Shores, it takes place on a shoreline of the planet Corellia. The map has a fair amount of vehicles and modified turrets. Unlike most mod maps that are very large, I made sure this map would be no bigger then Geonosis. This map includes a new clone trooper leigon, and new "urban" rebel skins. I have also created new heros that are available in both Conquest and Hero Assault.

New Heroes:
Wedge Antilles: Rebel Alliance Pilot. Weapons include an advanced pistol and pulse grenades (grenades with a indigoish glow and they throw their targets five times further then a normal grenade)
Grand Moff Tarkin: An Imperial Leader. Weapons include Tarkin's Rifle (a superautomatic rifle) and Orbital Strike (A pair of binoculars that shoot an Orbital Strike beacon, causing an overhead star destroyer to launch powerful lasers onto the location of the beacon)
Den Olar: A made up Corellian Jedi, has a yellow lightsaber and force push.

Clone Wars (20 BBY):
A revolutionary hyperdrive engine prototype has been developed on Corellia. The Confederacy of Independent Systems will do anything to obtain it for their own use. They have launched an attack on Corellia's capital in order to steal the prototype. A Republic Jedi/Spy named Den Olar was able to discover about their plot in advance and warn the Republic about it. They have sent the 238th Leigon to protect Coronet City from the oncoming attackers... 

Galactic Civil War (1 ABY): 
Imperial General Crix Madine is about to defect to the Rebel Alliance. He has contacted Alliance General Riekaan for a secret conference in Coronet City. However, the Imperials have figured out, and will do anything to stop General Madine from defecting. The Emprie has deployed an arsenal of soldiers and walkers to attack the city. A squadron of Crix Madine's Rebel Commandos have set up outposts near the shorelines where the Empire is about to attack... (Loosely based of off the Defection At Corellia level in Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Battle_of_Corellia)

3 Barc Speeders
2 TX-130s Fighter Tanks

Confederacy of Independent Systems:
2 MTTs
2 AATs

Rebel Alliance:
1 Hovernaut
3 Speeder Bikes
2 Rebel Combat Speeders (Yes, the ones from Battlefront 1)

Galactice Empire:
2 AT-ATs
3 Speeder Bikes
2 AT-STs

Bugs, Problems:
There is only one problem I found, and that is that many vehicles (if not all) lack sound.

Special thanks:
Crayon and TheMan for beta testing and taking screenshots.
Fiminopter for his help and support.
Everyone at -=[/<£]=- (formerly [MC]) for extra support.
Archer01 for Hero Support Script
Teancum for the tweaked Hovernaut
Vyse for some assets from his first Mesh Pack
Rends for some Coruscant: Streets assets
Eddie for the legos.

To contact me, email me at:

dhayne AT gmail DOT com
[email protected] (added by valiantofficer)

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