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Corra: Abyssal Wasteland. It is nice to see that thi...


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Corra: Abyssal Wasteland. It is nice to see that this version not only works on improving the previous version, but also adds quite a bit of new content to go along with it.To recap, Corra: Abyssal Wasteland was more or less a large "defend the fort" map where your objective on one team was to not lose and your objective on the other team was to win. In the version we had before, I felt that it was a nice concept but the fun factor was significantly lacking, due to the large amount of sheer frustration imparted by several different things.First and foremost it was not frustrating to play through, which was nice. For whatever bits and pieces were changed, it felt like playing it through this time was less an exercise in futility (as the defending team) and it afforded me an opportunity to actually hold a line for most of the match. On an only semi-related note, the textures were changed on the "Corran Civil War" era units, and while still feeling a bit derivative of the units whose models were used, they at least had a bit more character than the last time around.What was nicest to see on this map was unrelated to the "Domination" mode mentioned above. Also included with this version of the map is a Galactic Civil War campaign mission, which sets you as some sort of Imperial scout/assassin/agent. It is a very straightforward mission, and not terribly difficult, but I always find it highly enjoyable to be led through some kind of story or game that deviates from the norm.In any case, this map feels like a big step up from the previous version. Give it a download and try it for yourself!-Mav

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