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Backround Story: A huge army of Sith Lords gathered around the jedi temple. They plan on destroying the jedi. All of a sudden, right...


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Backround Story: A huge army of Sith Lords gathered around the jedi temple. They plan on destroying the jedi. All of a sudden, right before they came in, they saw the clone army marching in. The leader of the Sith Lords asked if they could assist the clones in the fight. Lord Vader actually said "yes". But he killed the leader using force choke. Then, the battle began!

The main thing about this mod is it changes the sides on coruscant campaign. You play as the jedi instead of the clones. And instead of the jedi you fought normally, you fight the sith lords. Play it and you'll find out everything you need!

As far as hex-edit mods go, this one is pretty good. Of course, it still travels that tired hex-edit territory of CW Coruscant, but at least it's not another Jedi vs. Clones mod. This mod substitutes some 501st troopers for the guardsmen and the unused Sith Lord unit for the Jedi in the "Knightfall" campaign mission. It's a new but fun take on the mission.

The one downside is that the battle is vastly tilted in favor of your team, because you easily outnumber any opposing melee units on the field 2 (or maybe more) to 1 at any given time. And given the fact that these units go down so easily, well, it's not exactly shooting fish in a barrel but it's no bullfight either.

Give it a try if you're into mods.


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This just basically changes the sides on Coruscant Campaign. Instead of playing the Republic, you play as the jedi. 
It also changes all of the jedi you normally face into Sith Lords. (Thank you Fliminotper. Without his hex character readme, this would have NEVER existed.)

1) Make a backup of mission.lvl in C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Battlefront 2Gamedatadatalvl_pc
2) Send the mission.lvl in the folder you just downloaded in where the mission.lvl is.
3) Start up SWBF2
4) In "Instant Action", over the star wars battlefront 2 logo on the left bottom corner, above it type: 456123
5) Go back to CAMPAIGN and click on Campaign List and look on the list and choose "KnightFall"
6) Click on it then go
7) Enjoy it!

Known Bugs
At the end of the mission, your last objective, where you destroy 3 (or 5 I think...) Jedi Masters, and ur one, dont worry.
just Destroy a bunch of Sith Lords and you'll be done!  

Whoever made Hex edit workshop

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