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"Crazy Town," by jedimaster745, is a pretty standard map for the whole "I'm not Battlefront and I won't try to hide it" genre. Complete with...


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"Crazy Town," by jedimaster745, is a pretty standard map for the whole "I'm not Battlefront and I won't try to hide it" genre. Complete with objects floating off the ground, bad collision, poorly placed objects - this map has everything you need to smash any sort of suspension of disbelief in terms of being immersed in the SW universe.

Now, normally I'd just call the abovementioned issues "bugs" and move on, but the author claims that they're intentional - and I'm not sure if that's not worse. There are plenty of ways to make a "wacky" map and not have it look poorly-constructed, and I wish that it was done more often. This map smacks of semi-completion, from the completely flat terrain to the Yavin sky. Even the command posts haven't been moved from their original location.

It's worth mentioning that the author tried to have some sort of secondary goal for the map - finding the "computer terminals." It's a nice idea, but nothing ingame mentions them, we don't see what they're supposed to look like, and when you find them, nothing happens. If you want to add in a secondary objective, I would work a little more to make it feel like a real objective. That being said, it could be an idea worth developing further.

I suppose if you haven't had anything new for a while and this just sounds terrifically new, then give it a download. Otherwise, I might pass on this one.


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in case you were wondering, yes, all of the completely crazy things in this map were done ON PURPOSE, and any bugs that you may find are most likely ways to find one of three computer terminals. that is the key goal of this map, to find all three computer terminals...and to beat the other team senseless. this is one of the upcoming series of Crazy Town, where you will follow the Elders' path to their secret location. each of the crazy town maps will include secrets that must be discovered, like, in this map, three computer terminals(im going to keep saying computer terminals until i get it through everyone's head that that's what their looking for). you will also most likely(but sometimes the more dull people have a hard time finding these) spot a pyramid of space cruisers that dominate the field, complete with a floating forest(floating on platforms). dont bother trying to climb to the top, mainly because it is IMPOSSIBLE and there are no computer terminals up there. happy playing!

download and unzip the CTS file, and move it to c:program filesLucasArtsStar Wars Battlefront IIGameDataaddon    

woohoo you just downloaded a mod!

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