Crystal Forest

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Originally added 5-30-09

Tech: 7
Quality: 9
FunFactor: 9
Creativity: 9
Item Placement: 9

Overall Rating: 8.6


"Crystal Forest" is a whimsical map by Jaspo, set on a series of catwalks floating in a large group of jacks-shaped crystals. One of the things I've enjoyed about the author's maps in the past has been his use of custom models, which always adds a lot in contrast with most maps (which just reuse stock models over and over).

Crystal Forest does not disappoint. It doesn't look like any Star Wars planet (although I do not believe it is supposed to), but that's ok here. The map design is solid and the fluff around it is just a fun background to the battle. It reminded me of the "Rainbow Road" track that you'll find in many versions of "Mario Kart."

The map itself is really just a winding platform level and is surprisingly simple (which is a good thing here). There are five CPs scattered around the map and it is all fairly close together, which makes for a quick playthrough. The background, as mentioned above is really fun-looking and can certainly capture the eye, but it isn't overly distracting (for extra fun play with bloom on). The author made effective use of AI hint nodes and good AI planning (I don't think I saw any AI fall off the edge), and the opposing team always hangs in there pretty close.

I don't really have any complaints here. A solid map, well-done, and definitely worth a download. Nice work!




Crystal Forest
version 1.0

By [Commander] Jaspo.

The 3 letter code for this map is CFB.

Put the CFB folder in your addon folder, if you do not have one, make one in
C:/Program Files/LucasArts/Star Wars Battlefront II/GameData

I created all the walkway, crystal, and planet models used in this level, as well as the background image (which uses the Mygeeto sky dome). Contact me via Gametoast if you would like to use the walkway system models. If you use them you must give me credit. I would also recommend retexturing them.

All other assets are of course property of LucasArts/Pandemic.


2 flag CTF
Uber Hero Assault

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