.:|CWC|:. Private Andersen's Mos Eisley

(No ratings given, this reviewer felt that in the case of this map they weren't pertinent.)

This map, by Private Andersen (or more accura...


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(No ratings given, this reviewer felt that in the case of this map they weren't pertinent.)

This map, by Private Andersen (or more accurately by Pandemic with slight modifications), isn't exactly high on the originality scale - although of course if the intent of the author is just to use it to create a machinima with, I suppose it could work for that.

There are no surprises here, this is just Mos Eisley, the stock map, lifted from the assets. It only has hero assault mode, and it looks like some random units were spliced in with a few of the heroes.

I won't say that this map is bad - it obviously has a purpose beyond just playing it as an addon map - but I will say that I don't really recommend a download. It doesn't really add anything you can't do in the regular game anyway.


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Download 'pri.zip' (13.3MB)


First ever SWBF2 Machinima map? No way. Oh well.

Anyway, this is for .:|CWC|:.:Odyssey:. and his BF2 project "Private Andersen". I was mega-lazy when I was changing the scripts so this has just assault mode (on Mos Eisley, dur) with a couple of Jedi/Sith/other guys with lightsabers, with a Jawa, the Rebel soldier and sniper, the Imperial Stormtrooper, Heavy Trooper, and Officer. The rest are the Jedi/Sith/other guys with lightsabers.

Anyway, the actual map is same old Mos Eisley. Hey, I had to stick to the plan! If you are playing as a Jawa, you might want to stay away from everyone other than grievous, who can't throw his LS. :D

Well, that's about it. Enjoy filming.

The readme? What's the point if you are going to download it anyway? Well whatever, here it is.

Yo CWC Film actor people.

To install: 

1. Extract the folder PRI to C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Battlefront IIGameDataaddon. This might be different depending on where you keep your game application.
2. Run the game.
3. IMPORTANT: It's best to turn off bots (which you probably will anyway) because the units u will use to film (Jawas, troopers, officer, sniper, etc etc) will get their asses kicked by the Jedi and Sith jumping around everywhere because I was too lazy to remove them.
4. If you are in version 1.0 it will look something like %PRI% %1% or something in the map list. If you are in 1.1 it shows up with the correct name.

The Line ups

Sniper (female)
Other Jedi

Heavy Trooper
Imperial Officer
Other Sith

If you are not CWC and didn't download this for filming purposes, then please note its meant for .:|CWC|:.:Odyssey:.'s specs and therefore was not designed for the best gameplay experience.

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