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TK432 comes to us today with this map, entitled simply 'Dathomir'. This is a medium-sized map set on a dark grassland with a dry river cutting through the middle. It features support for the Dark Times mod, as well as Battlefront Extreme.

This map is interesting primarily because of its atmosphere. It seems to be set at the early hours of the morning when the sun hasn't quite risen from behind the curve of the Earth. This is to say that the map is very dark. For me, personally, it was not dark enough to be unplayable, but it was at a point where I struggled to see a fair bit of the units. Taking in the map is hard as well, which is unfortunate because it looks like the author put in a large amount of work making the map very good- and it is, with well-placed objects, smooth, natural terrain, and a good usage of models. However, this is diminished somewhat due to the fact that you can't see a good deal of it.

Now, aside from the darkness issue, this is a fairly good map. It's fun to play, and well balanced. There are a few CPs for each team, generally with one in the riverbed cutting through the middle of the map, and the rest on the banks up high. One team has more, but this isn't much of a problem since they are fairly close together. Gameplay-wise, the map is well balanced and each team has equal opportunity to win the map. There were no glaring issues that I could notice with it.

On the bugs side, I did notice a couple small things- one of the CPs in the river bed has a messed up capture region, so moving slightly above it causes it to stop capturing. There are also a couple objects hovering above the ground, mostly in the riverbed again. Aside from that, however, there were no major issues.

Overall, this is a fairly good map, but it is very dark and it is hard to see. Give it a download if the screenshots appeal to you.




Dathomir is a dark planet with many secrets.
The battle takes place on the desert of the planet.

1. Installation

Put DTF into your addon

if you don't have one make one in .../Star Wars Battlefront II/GameData

2. What does the map support

Dark Times

3. Don't upload the map else where (with your name)

4. If you want this map in your mod/map pack just ask me

Have fun!

- Sky_216 for the dead trees
- Pandemic
- Lucasarts
- ARC_Commander for BFX
- Syth for several assets + original inspiration 1+ years ago
- DarthD.U.C.K. for improved knife, grenade models, snowtrooper pack, assassin blades, Starkiller anims, fixed royal guard, and dual pistols
- RepSharpshooter for SWBF2 1.2 assets, 501st skin, caped clones, HUD icons, new ingame.lvl, and hex-editing help
- Maveritchell for converting saber hilts and dual-wielding animations
- Aman/Pinguin for the clone assassin and translating into German
- AceMastermind for OOM droids, Grievous cape, weapon models
- Darth_Z13 for JKA model conversions
- [RDH]Zerted for new shell.lvl and core.lvl
- ]v[ for +123 assets
- Teancum for some clone skins, Conversion Pack assets, and CP scripts
- Conversion Pack people for CP assets
- Megatron for beta-testing
- Dragonum and JawaKiller for assets from ML-Kashyyyk
- The_Emperor for Weequay skin
- Broken_Hope for saber hilts
- Commander Fordo for some clone skins
- Satti for shadow stormtrooper skin
- Taivyx for force pike
- L5R for knife
- Wazmol69 for assets
- Caleb1117 for models
- Droideka88 for some skins
- Pahricida for DC-15A
- OOM-9 for DC-15S carbine
- Dragon93 for Shadow Trooper
- Majin Revan for Clone Commando
- Dragonum for DC-15s pistol
- NeoMarz for DC-17m and JKA sniper rifle
- FragMe for converting models
- MasterSaitek009 for melee attack ODFs
- JabbaLovesLava and Delta_57_Dash for disruptor rifle
- Qdin for Commander Cody
- Pandemic for the SWBF2 assets
- Gametoast for beta-testing, support, and a modding education
- and all the ones that made tutorials for BF2 that helped me to make the maps
- Maveritchell for adding Dark Times toturial and the needed scripts
- Ace Azzameen 5 and Teancum, for the COnPack and it's Republic Sides (not distributed in this package)
And of course, Pandemic, for the SWBF2 ZE v1.1 which this script runs on, and LA and George Lucas for Star wars.

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