Death Star: Prison Break



Originally added 10-11-2010


"Death Star: Prison Break," by Jaspo, despite sharing a name with the stock campaign level, is a relatively fresh take on the Death Star design.

It uses, as can be expected, heaps of stock props, but it also has plenty of new models that fit in relatively well with the map. The map itself is, of course, a pretty standard Death-Star-type (Ep IV) map. It's probably larger than the stock map; if you're familiar with the author's Star Destroyer map, this is basically a refinement of that design.

I liked some elements of the map, notably the stacked-floors-bottomless-pit room. There were times where the stock textures were used pretty well on custom models, and I think it's a big improvement over the abovementioned Star Destroyer map. Not everything is perfect, of course - there are a couple times where the textures look a little odd.

There were a couple of notable design flaws, too. It is a relatively big map, and I could overlook the occasional AI-in-a-corner, but there were a lot. AI getting stuck on walls, below platforms, etc. It's lots of work, but the barriers here could use some refinement. There was also a stair model(s) used several times, and the collision on it was poor. It needs either real collision geometry or, at the very least, an invisible model overtop to act as collision geometry. The stairs were easy to get stuck on.

All in all, it's a pretty fun map. A little large for my tastes, but fun to explore and certainly interesting to see. Give it a try!




Death Star: Prison Break 1.0

by Commander Jaspo

Rebels have broken free from a prison block deep within the infamous imperial battle station.

GCW Conquest, 1 and 2 flag CTF, and also lazer tag if you have that nifty little mod of mine installed.

Extract the DSI folder and put it in your addon folder.
f you do not have an addon folder, make one in
C:/Program Files/LucasArts/Star Wars Battlefront II/GameData

Original Death Star props created by LucasArts/Pandemic. All additional props and revisions to original props are my work.
All other game assets were created by LucasArts/Pandemic.

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